Monday, August 29, 2016

Etude House "Real Powder Cushion" SPF50+ PA+++

Etude House "Real Powder Cushion"

SPF50+ PA+++

by Rosalie 

Hi everyone,
I am sitting here, looking at my powder cushion and am deeply thinking what to tell you about this new cushion from the Brand Etude House. 

Why I am deeply thinking you can understand at the end of my review (I think)! :D

But first the facts:



PRICE: $ 21.40





I ordered this product at the ETUDE HOUSE Global Store, the price is from this webstore, too.

The design of the product is amazing!!! Have you ever seen a prettier cushion packaging?? It's in a sweet beige color with rose gold effects, the upper part is shining, wich makes this product really special looking (and high quality), simply a perfect foundation for a princess (as we all are!<3). Plus, the packaging is smaller than the normal "any cushion".

Do you see the shine?? :D

Even the paper package has rose gold elements! <333

left: Any Cushion Moist, right Real Powder Cushion

Seeing this after this product has arrived I was so excited to opened it!!
Here you can see how it looks on the inside:

As usual for ETUDE HOUSE cushions you can buy refiller for this one, too. I ordered the shade #naturalbeige, wich is the middle shade.

When I opened the foundation part I was surprised by a nice smell, like only ETUDE HOUSE can create it. <33

At first I thought that the color is way to dark for my skintone but after applying it matched perfectly.

But I have to say that I have my problems with applying it. (I mean I STILL have this problem, even after a longer use...)
Putting of the part to come to the foundation is really hard for me, because it is simply hard to open. But this also can mean that the foundation is more save from drying out.

This is my first powder cushion foundation, that I've tried. Once I had putted it on my skin it isn't like liquid anymore, it is like stiff powder, really hard for me to blend it nicely.

It has a really high coverage AND I don't know why but it is really sticky!! After I have applyed the foundation my pores are soooooooooooo big! (You can see them like as from far away!! :D ) 

ehm, yep, my big huge monster pores! :D

The foundation really makes my skin like it is powdered, but most of the time (right after applying it) my skin feels so dry, that I take my any cushion mosit to makes it more moist or use a mist. (This is also when I have applyed mositurizer exactly before applying this cushion!!)

I applyed my powder blusher after this cushion on my cheeks and my skin was dead!!! :D 
Also reapplying this product is impossible for me, because this makes it even more worse. So there is no good point that the new packaging is a bit smaller than the "any cushion" one.


This is really something difficult.

My mom has this cushion too, but she said she likes it. (But she also has the problem with the pores...)


-super amazing design
-nice smell
-new size, smaller than the ETUDE HOUSE any cushion
-SPF 50+, PA+++


-only 3 colors
-hard to open
-hard to blend
-makes my skin feels super dry
-create monster pores on my nose!!! :D
-can't reapply it because this makes it even more worse, all parts on my face has big monster pores than

I am thinking of giving this foundation away to my mom that she has a refiller from a foundation she likes. After she tryed it, not even my sister wanted to have it. :,(
I like the normal any cushion foundation much more. 

Etude House "any cushion mosit" review

If I had to choose I would definitelly recommend the normal / moist one and throw this foundation to trash!

OMO, ETUDE HOUSE, I am really sad that I can't like your product, but this is simply the truth! :(

I hope this review is helpful for you to choose the right product!!

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