Friday, August 21, 2015

Etude House "Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash"

Etude House "Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash"

by Rosalie

Hello my lovelys,
the product I want to review wasn't a planned order. It was a special event on the Etude House Global page, so I was able to order it cheaper than normally and I was interested in their moistfull collagen range for a while.



PRICE: $12.00 (normally) 

VOLUME: 100ml


As I said, I ordered this product on the Etude House Global Page.
I don't really remember the price that the product was with the event but I think it was around $6 - $7.

I have used many peelings and creme masks but this peeling is different for me. You have to use this on your dry face, massage it in and then wash it off. 
At first I was like WHAT?? I forget every single word english, it couldn'tr be different! :D But now I understand why, because in the peeling there are like (silikon??)balls wich massage and peel your face. If you have a wet face then the cream doesn't stand on the skin, so the silikon balls couldn't work as they are supposed to.

I yust can say that I am really happy with the product. It smells nice and I like the massage effect! :3

It isn't as strict as the german peelings that I've used before, but I like that because on the german ones I also think that they damaged my face or something. So this peeling is nice and I don't have the feeling that it damaged my face. Beside that it moisturize my face nicely. Normal peelings makes my face a bit dry but after that it feels nice and soft. But it isn't as moisturizing as a cream, but I think it isn't supposed to be like this! haha

Really guys, I yust like it! <33 I use it one to twice a week.

If you re interested in this product I think you should give it a try because it is really nice, I like it!

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If you have some other questions to the product please let me know! ;)

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