Sunday, August 30, 2015

Etude House "Look At My Eyes", "Look At My Eyes Cafe" & "Look At My Eyes Jewel"

Etude House "Look At My Eyes", "Look At My Eyes Cafe" & "Look At My Eyes Jewel"

Hello everyone,
today  am very exited because I am able to show you the beautifull colours from the "Look At My Eyes" line. 
I wanted to order soem colours for a longer time but there were always so many other products wich I wanted and then I don't had enough money... I think you may know these problems! haha :D

Anyway,  I got colours from different lines of the "look At My Eyes" palett, so if you have a colour and search for nicee swatches be carefull because the names of them are twice or more often in the different lines. For example I ordered #BR402 from the normal line and #BR402 from the Cfae line, but they are very different.

As you see they have maaaaaany colours of this product. I just show you some of the colours. It depends on where you order the colours, I found on different shops different colours wich I was able to order.

look at my eyes

look at my eyes cafe

look at my eyes jewel





I ordered them at the Etude House Global Store

As you can see there are some hearts stemped in the shadow (OMG so cute!!!).
But now I want to show you the colours how they look like on my skin and eyes. ;)


I hope you can see how the colours came out. They are all very pigmented, so in some way it is really nice because I hat if you have a eyeshadow where nothing came to your eye! :D
But on the brown colours I think it is very dark and it is important to use it in lower concentration.

But all in all I really like these eyeshadows. Easy to apply and nice colours. The design is nice, too. :3
 I want to order some more colurs but I always have the problem if there are to many  colours to decide yust on one or two! haha :D
The only thing is that the picture on the website came out a bit different than in reallity, but after ordering many things online I know that this is like pretty normal!

I hope this review is helpfull for you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! ;)
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