Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tonymoly "Appletox - Smooth Massage Peeling Cream"


Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 

by Violetta 


I bought this product as an offer on  together with the TONYMOLY "TOMATOX" for 15,80 $, which is a good price for both products (actually the TOMATOX costs 9,85 $, so you save 3,30 $). I was very curious about both products, because I heared that Tonymoly is very famous for them and they´re very good. Actually I was looking for something against blackheads and I heard that this peeling should help.



PRICE: 9,25$
VOLUME: 80 g


Well I have to say I like the texture of this peeling cream, because it doesn´t has any hard grains in it, like the most of german peelings have. I experienced, that such hard peelings are not good for my skin, because the skin in the face is always the thinest skin of your body. If you use peelings with hard grains for your back, feet or leggs, it is ok, but it is too hard for my face. So I think APPLETOX has the perfect texture for the face. 

First you apply the product all over your face (exept mouth and eyes). Then you have to massage it in for about 1-2 minutes. After waiting  30 seconds you have to rub it off (not to hard) and remove the rest of the product with lukewarm water.

First the positive atributes: I really love the packaging and the smell is very nice (a really apple-like smell). The product is easy to use and you don´t need that much time. The texture is not to "agressive" for the face and even my sensitive skin doesn´t showed any bad reaction. 

The bad thing is, that I don´t really know if it really helped me with my blackhead-problem (I don´t really think so ... ), and that´s why I´m not going to buy this product again. I had my problems with this product from the beginning on, because I didn´t used enough of the product at first, so it didn´t really worked. The thing is, that Tomatox is, compared to Appletox,  so much better and more effective, so I´m really disappointed of Appletox (Peeling cream). I even love the Appletox moisture cream, so I don´t know why this Appletox didn´t impressed me ...

Anyway, thank you for reading and if this review was usefull for you or if you have any other experiences or even the same ones, please leave a comment. 

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We also want to try something new: Rosalie want to test for you guys hair tutorials from korean brands and if you are interested she also wanted to make hair tutorials. 
the rubric is named "Hairlekin" .
Yust let us know if you are interested! ;)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hairlekin : bow shaped bun (idea from Etude House)

Hairlekin : bow shaped bun (idea from Etude House)

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I am gonna try something new for you guys, I hope you like it.
I found some pictures from korean brands (espacially from Etude House) where they give some ideas to make nice hair styles. I was very interested in trying them out. Thats why I had the idea to make a review about this hair style, if it is possible to make it, is it easy/difficould...

You have to know that I hate to make selfies, because I hate my face smiling for the camera. I always look ugly! :D so please don't be shocked if my face do something funny and not smiling as other people do such pictures! :D haha

the make up that I where on the pictures is made by my sister. Normally I prefer a lighter make up, but violetta said she had to do it for a other review and she needed help... yes, as a little sister you always have to do strange things for your older sister!^^

Anyway, at first I show you how Etude House shows the tutorial and then I show you pictures from me trying to make it, too!^^

So far so good.
For me it is always difficould to make nice buns, because my hair isn't sooo long (but I want to let it grow!^^) but I love to make my hair and try out new hairstyles. So I thought this idea of a bow shaped bun looks really cute and easy to make.

At first I show you my hair lenght that you can see if you ahve a similar hair lenght if it works or not.

At first I tied my hair together... AS HIGH AS I COULD... :D (like the discription said)

 ...and making a bun!
ummmm, okey,......
I tryed to divide the bun in two parts but with that my bun crashed and I had to start a new begin.

This is my secound try and my new bun. seriously, I have to say if I wanted to make this hairstyle in the morning I would get pissed of very fast and it would be a bad morning for me and all the people who have to meet me! :D

 I personally think that if you want to make a bow you have to seperate a little wisp of hair for the middle part. because taking hair out from the middle part of my bun crashed my bun...

My seperated hair is to long to yust put it something behind the bun, oh man this is really a mess...

looking at the result it looks really horrible. not like a bow or something pretty. yust as a scary bun! :D

If you wanted to try this hair tutorial from Etude House you would be very sad in the end.

I hope this review was helpfull and you like my idea of making reviews about korean hairstyles. I also wanted to try hair tutorials from pinterest, because they are pretty and interesting to try by myself! :3
If you wanted to read more reviews like this please let me know and I will try my best! ;)

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Holika Holika "Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder"

Holika Holika "Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder"

by Rosalie

Hi hi,
after a really hot summer I think I am able to give a nice review to you guys about this powdery product from Holika Holika. My skin is supposed to have muuuch sebum (aaaaar, I hate it) so I am always searching for products wich can reduce it, that my skin can look more healthy.

My sister decidet to try out the "zero sebum" powder from Etude House (wich she will review in in a while) and I decidet to try this product.


PRICE: $7.03

VOLUME: 6.5g


I ordered this product from  

The powder is white so it is supposed to mach every skin tone. The packaging is simple, sweet and you have a puff to apply it, too.
The only think I missed on this product is a mirror, and the lid should be connected on the product part of the packaging, this would make it more easy to apply it.

But If you have a mirror like in a bathroom, I think it is easy and compfortable to apply it.
After getting the product I was a bit shocked because I was thinking that the puff would be a bit larger than it is in the end but (really, it IS a small puff). But I think this small puff makes it even easyer for me to apply the powder (I don't know why :D ) 

Now I want to show you how it looks like on my skin:

 Oh my I think you can see how oily my face is! :D
anyway the product helpes me to reduce the oilyness as you can see.
Of course the powder doesn't stay the whole day, so if you want to look preety and not oily the whole day you should bring it with you and apply it again on the day. The product itself is small so that wouldn't be a problem, but as I said, it would be helpfull if it has a mirror, to be able to apply it where ever you want.

But all in all I think this product does its job well, and it doesn't makes my skin dry!!!
So this is defenitely a nice powder for summer or for people like me with a oily skin!^^

If you still ahve any questions about thjis product please feel free to ask me.
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