Thursday, November 24, 2016

Masks, Masks, Masks...

Masks, Masks, Masks...

By Violetta and Rosalie


Hi everyone,
this time we want to talk about some maks patches ETUDE HOUSE send to us. They´re all pretty amazing, so stay awake Loveliez! ^^

Ettie looks so adorable on every single package. We just love it. ^^

Honey / Cherry Jelly Lips Patch

I often saw these lip patches from korean makeup brands online and I always wanted to try them out. But they where always a bit expensive, and that´s why I haven´t tryed these or simmilar ones before.

Since we got the opportunity now, I´m so happy that I can talk about them here, because they´re soooo amazing. ^^

Cherry Jelly Lips Patch is for Vitalizing,

and the Honey Jelly Lips Talk is for Moisturizing.

Rosalie wearing the "Honey Jelly Lips Patch" in addition to the "Blach Hydrogel Eye Patch"

"Honey Jelly Lips Patch"

The "Cherry Jelly Lips Patch" is pretty much the same when it comes to the material (gel patch), as you can see.

You can buy it on the official ETUDE HOUSE global store for $3,30.

The patch feels really nice on the lips and it also stayed really well on my skin.
(BUT: For the pink patch, everything was ok, but the yellow one tended to fall of. I had it on my face and lie down so there was no problem but moving around in my room or sitting was difficoult...)
The "How to Use" is really simple: Just apply the patch onto the lips for 10~15 minutes and then massage the remaining product in.

For me, my skin was so dry, that the patch was almost completelly dry. :O

After using it, my lips feel really really nice for one week. This whole time gaps I didn´t needed to use any moisturizer for my lips, because they felt so nice. ^^

So all in  all, these lip patches are so great, we can really recommend them to you, because it really is worth it´s price. 

Black Hydrogel Eye Patch

Sometimes my eyes really are super tired. Simpply because of looking at my computer all day, looking at the phone and don't get enough sleep.
Because of thiese bad habbits you can get wrinkles!!! But that's why Etude House invented this mask, to get rid of the tiredness and give much moisture to your eyes.  

With this mask you also get a fun and cute looking thing for much selfies harhar!! :D The mask looks like batman's mask, sooo coool! <3
I am in love  with it. And because it is a gel patch it doesn't fly off when I weared it. It sticked on my eyes like the hero masks in the disney movie "the incredibles" (wich I always was jellous for ads kid!...)

You can buy the mask on the ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL STORE for $3.30

I was very compfortable wearing this mask. The mositure was totally soaked into my skin after I removed the patch. Normally I am supposed to massage the remaining moisture into my skin but there you can feel how tired and dry my eyes are! :D (BTW the brightening part from the mask is really hard to see for me on my skin since I did the mask on a sunday when I hadn't dark undereyes...)

After using it I am thinking how to get this mask again, even for a price from around $3 I am willing to pay this because of the nice quality. The only thing I am sad about this mask is, that I had no lid (or extra patch thing) to put onto my eyelids. On thie mask the eyelids are without patch but these parts need moisture, too. But really, I am still in love. <333 


Calming Cheek Patch

This is a cream gel textured patch that soothes and moisturizes dry and irritated cheeks. Since it´s winter season now here in Germany, my skin feels really really dry (but not only on the cheek area).

However, these patches are really great. Beside the easy useage, the patches stayed really great on my face during masking time.

My skin felt so great after it and the patches were almost dry (means my skin really needed this). ^^
I love them, it´s so fast and easy to do, just perfect for stressed evenings in winter.

They look so cute, the faces are so adorable. ^^

Doesn´t this look cute? :3
right after putting it on the skin, soaked with alot ptoduct

after 20 minutes, you can see how dry the patch and how moisturized my skin is now ^^
You can get these patches on the official ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $2,60.

As all the other masks, I can really recommend this mask, because my skin felt so nice after. If your cheeks are a really great problem zone for you, I would definitelly buy them. ^^
But I have to say in addition that I personally never made bad experiences with ETUDE HOUSE moisturizing masks at all.

Laugh Lines Care Patch 




This image is so cute! Ettie with an iron for her wrinkles. ^^

And last but not least, let´s care for our laugh lines.

Since the patches are transparent, it´s a bit hard to show them in a picture. If you look closely, you can see that they covr my laugh lines perfectly.

I have the feeling, that I have o care for this area on my face from now on, if I don´t want to have deep laugh lines. But as you can see, I don´t have some yet. But I think for wrinkle prevention, this one is really great! (I can´t say if wrinkles are disappearing with this), but my skin was really well moisturized after.

The mask patches stay good on the skin, if you aren eating or talking during that time. But if you hold still, they stay well.

After 40 minutes, the patches were almost dry.

All in all I like the other patches a bit more, but just because I kind of needed them a bit more. ✌ But this one is also really good, so if you are looking for something to care for your laugh lines, this mask is definitelly useful.

You can buy this mask patch on the official ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $2,60.

AAAAAAANNNNDDDD we are at the end of this post. I hope you liked it and that it was helpful and interesting for you.

Please let us know what you think in the comments. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Vital Water Serum"

ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Vital Water SERUM"

by Violetta

Hey Loveliez and makeup junkies! Nice to see you!

Today I wanted to share with you one product of the Pink Bird Box October, the ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Vital Water SERUM".

Since I was able to test out this product before already, I´m able to give you a very certain and detailed review. ^^

First of all, the  


VOLUME: 80 ml


PRICE: $20.40

ETUDE HOUSE made a whole collection with this "Pink Peach Water" ingredience. There are e.g. a toner, an emulsion, a cream, a wash pack and more.

The white creamy texture turns into more watery when you apply it onto the skin. This way you don´t need to much product to fully cover your face and your skin absorbs the product really fast and easily. I really love it´s fresh and peachy scent.

The serum should deliver moisture to your skin in addition to revitalize it. Since it is not a moisturizing cream, I personally think replacement for a moisturizing cream, at least not for my skin, but if a cream feels to heavy for you, this might be a good product.

I personally love to use the product directly after cleansing my face.

I´m always trying to remove my makeup directly after I got home from work to not let the dust of the whole day and my makeup stuck into my pores. But I´m not going under the shower directly after that, so I love to use this product. I´m applying a moisturizing cream after showering.

Since it´s better for your skin to remove your makeup before sports, I also use this product after cleansing.

In any case, my face feels really nice moisturized and not sticky at all, since the texture turns watery on the skin.

In addition to that, I love the container. It looks so cute and also really modern. I like the pink colour course. Somehow that makes it look like a little milk bottle to me. ^^


In the end I have to say, that this product really is wonderful, but really expensive. I´m not sure till now if I would buy it for the full price, because this really is a point for me. But if money isn´t an important point for you as it is for me, I would definitelly buy it. :3

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you liked it. Please let me know in the comments what you think about this product and the whole collection. I´m curious.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk"

ETUDE HOUSE "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk"

by Violetta

Time for another ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box October item. <3

This time I want to introduce the new "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk" to you. I was so amazed and curious when I first saw them, because they´re not a powdery eyeshadow, but a cream one. Since I loved the ETUDE HOUSE cream blusher so much, I thought these might be as genius as them.



PRICE: $8.50

As you might see in the picture above, the texture is really creamy (you really see where you padded your finger).

I tryed different tools to apply them, but brushes didn´t really worked, so the only thing that works to get the product onto your eyes are your fingers.

Since I´m not used to apply eyeshadow with my fingers, it still is a bit difficult for me, but I think you can learn it. The think is just, I like to apply eyeshadow with brushes more than with my fingers.
But since the creamy texture makes it really easy to blend, it works.

ETUDE HOUSE send us 3 different colours. All in all, there are 12 different colours in this collection, with 3 different textures.
Here is an image of the colour system. :3

As you might know already, ETUDE HOUSE offers the "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk" together with these eyeshadows, like one collection. You can also buy them together on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store.

The colours themselfes are really intense and deep. I would say, as you see them inside the package, they´re looking on your skin (unblended).

I love the colour OR201, my personal favourite of these 3 ones. It is really great for a peachy eye look. The texture is a bit gold-orange shimmery.

RD301 is really intense. Since it is not glittery or shimmery, a bit mat I would say, it is perfect as a blusher. I like it that way a bit more than for the eyes.

The one I don´t like that much is the PK002, but that´s just a personal reason (I don´t like glittery eyeshadows as much as mat ones). On the colour system image, this shadow looks a bit more colour intense, but I need to say that it´s almost just a warm glittery tone, without a real colour appearing. But if you are looking for an eyeshadow like this, you would love it, because it also a really smooth texture that goes on really nice.

ETUDE HOUSE said that these shadows are staying longer during the day and also looking not smudged. I need to say that this is true for the OR201 and the RD301, but the PK002 goes off quite fast.

All in all

I need to say that it´s a bit difficult to apply the eye shadows if you are not used to use your fingers for your makeup, but you can learn it easily if you want. Since the price is a bit high and I´m not a big fan of using my fingers for my makeup, these products wheren´t as great as I thought they would be. But if you like using your fingers to apply your makeup, this product could be really great for you.

Thank you for reading. Please write a comment what you thing about these cream eyeshadows. Since they weren´t such a big highlight for me, I really want to know what you think about the texture.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird October Box "Pink Vital Water", "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk", New Mask collection

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird October Box

by Violetta

Hi Hi!
We are back again with the latest ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box. This month, we have quite alot interesting stuff for you, so please look forward to it.

Like for the last boxes, I´m doing a little haul for you where I link down the reviews.


"Pink Vital Water SERUM"

"Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk" RD301, OR201, PK002


My sis made a little video where she shows a cute makeup and skincare tutorial with some of these and some of the last Pink Bird Boxes. Check it out!


"Pink Vital Water SERUM"

full review:

This Serum is supposed to revitalize and moisturize your skin without a sticky feeling.

I tryed this one before so I could say that the texture is really great. The smell is really nice and the moisturizing effect doesn´t replace a moisturizing cream for me, but I love to use it directly after cleansing my face after work (to care for my skin in the time gap betweet "after work" and showering, or after removing the makeup before sports). I realized that if I don´t clean my skin right after I come home, my skin is turning really bad and I get more pimples and such stuff. Because I shower so late, that if I wouldn´t clean my skin on time, my makeup would be way to long on my skin.
And if you may know, you should remove your makeup before sports, because if your body get´s warmed up, your pores are opening and all the dust od the day in addition to the makeup on your face is going into them.

 So for all this, the Serum is a really really nice product. ^^

You can get this product at the official ETUDE HOUSE online store for $20,40.

ETUDE HOUSE made a whole collection with this "Pink Peach Water" ingredience. (Just to let you know) ~

"Dear My Enamel EYES-Talk"

If you read our last Pink Bird Box haul, you may know that we got the "Dear My Enamel LIPS-Talk" in september. If not, you are pleased to check out this post. :3

full review:

These, well, I would call them cream shadows, are enveloped in  addition with the lipsticks.

However, these eyeshadows are not powdery, but really creamy. I personally think you can ONLY apply them with your fingers, which could be a little problem for those of you, who are not used to apply eyeshadow with the fingers (like me). So this needs a bit practise, but they´re really colourintense and easy to blend, so don´t worry about that to much.

These eyeshadows are available on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store in 12 different shades and 3 textures, $8,50 each.

And at last, the ominous


full review:

ETUDE HOUSE send us 5 different mask patches of their latest collection.

The design is so cute, theyr mascot cat ETTIE is on each in a different pose, trying to use the patches to improve her skin. So adorable.

All in all, ETUDE HOUSE offers 9 different patches, some for moisturizing, some for cleasing or recurring.

You can get them on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store for around $3 each.

Waaaaa! We are at the end of this haul already. Thank you for reading. Please tell us what you thing about our post and / or about the products themselfes. We are curious and always happy to read your comments. ^^

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Beauty drama - Beautiology101" , INNISFREE Korean Drama Review

"Beauty drama - Beautiology101" , INNISFREE

Korean Drama Review

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
somehow I am in the mood for it. It's Drama time again!
There isn't only one Korean Beauty Drama out there. So today I will write about a other drama that I've watched.

latest beauty drama review: "Sweet 20s"

Again it is sponsored by the korean beauty brand Innisfree, that's why you only find products from this brand in this drama. But again I love the concept of having a drama, a story And Make up hacks and looks.

(Sorry, but I can't stop laughting about her cute and natural face! Just like everyone of us looks like from time to time! :D)

about the story:
main character: Lee Bongju, a girl who has not really a idea of make up, but of skin care. She will go tho the K Beauty School, wich is really fampous and hard to get in. Her mother rent a face massage and skincare kind of bussines, that's why Bongju knows so much about skincare.

Bongju has a bad start at the school because of her natural non make up face in public. At a beauty school of course you have to wear make up. She needs her time to get this. There is a boy (Won Namgung) who tease her always, but is the class best. It's a difficoult relationship between both. But he also ha a  secret (as always in korean dramas...)

And there is a nice boy (Haein Jung) who helps Bongju and get good friends easily with her. (I think he is super amazingly handsome. Am I the only one noticing it??) :D

All in all the story is about wich problems the students have at this school, about friendship and love. All in all a nice cute story. Plus you also have some Make up looks. But it looks like if doing the eyebrows is the most important thing in EVERY single make up look and hack! :D

Comparred to the last beauty drama I have written about these beauty looks aren't as good. But the story is deeper with more characters. So it's a new thing. I think it is also nice that it is different than the last drama, because we don't want to see the same thing only with different actors!! :D And this time there is more fun in the story itself, like more comedy.

There are 10 episodes wich are around 20 minutes long. Wich means if you have a bit of time and want to watch a drama wich makes fast a good story without to much filler episodes, this is super nice for you.

I am in love with Haein Jung!!! What about you???
What do you think about this beauty drama? Do you like the idea of beauty dramas?? :D

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