Saturday, November 19, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk"

ETUDE HOUSE "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk"

by Violetta

Time for another ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box October item. <3

This time I want to introduce the new "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk" to you. I was so amazed and curious when I first saw them, because they´re not a powdery eyeshadow, but a cream one. Since I loved the ETUDE HOUSE cream blusher so much, I thought these might be as genius as them.



PRICE: $8.50

As you might see in the picture above, the texture is really creamy (you really see where you padded your finger).

I tryed different tools to apply them, but brushes didn´t really worked, so the only thing that works to get the product onto your eyes are your fingers.

Since I´m not used to apply eyeshadow with my fingers, it still is a bit difficult for me, but I think you can learn it. The think is just, I like to apply eyeshadow with brushes more than with my fingers.
But since the creamy texture makes it really easy to blend, it works.

ETUDE HOUSE send us 3 different colours. All in all, there are 12 different colours in this collection, with 3 different textures.
Here is an image of the colour system. :3

As you might know already, ETUDE HOUSE offers the "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk" together with these eyeshadows, like one collection. You can also buy them together on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store.

The colours themselfes are really intense and deep. I would say, as you see them inside the package, they´re looking on your skin (unblended).

I love the colour OR201, my personal favourite of these 3 ones. It is really great for a peachy eye look. The texture is a bit gold-orange shimmery.

RD301 is really intense. Since it is not glittery or shimmery, a bit mat I would say, it is perfect as a blusher. I like it that way a bit more than for the eyes.

The one I don´t like that much is the PK002, but that´s just a personal reason (I don´t like glittery eyeshadows as much as mat ones). On the colour system image, this shadow looks a bit more colour intense, but I need to say that it´s almost just a warm glittery tone, without a real colour appearing. But if you are looking for an eyeshadow like this, you would love it, because it also a really smooth texture that goes on really nice.

ETUDE HOUSE said that these shadows are staying longer during the day and also looking not smudged. I need to say that this is true for the OR201 and the RD301, but the PK002 goes off quite fast.

All in all

I need to say that it´s a bit difficult to apply the eye shadows if you are not used to use your fingers for your makeup, but you can learn it easily if you want. Since the price is a bit high and I´m not a big fan of using my fingers for my makeup, these products wheren´t as great as I thought they would be. But if you like using your fingers to apply your makeup, this product could be really great for you.

Thank you for reading. Please write a comment what you thing about these cream eyeshadows. Since they weren´t such a big highlight for me, I really want to know what you think about the texture.

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