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Etude House "Play Color Eyes - Beach Party"

Etude House "Play Color Eyes - Beach Party"

by Rosalie




Hi Lovelies,
I was struggeling for a long time if I should buy this product or not, but finally I bought it: the Etude House "Play Color Eyes -Beach Party" eyeshadow palette. The colors, OMG!!! Really, so amazing! That was the main reason for me why I wanted to try this palette out. (I guess you can call me crazy or something! haha but sorry we all have some things we cant resist to get.) 

Ok, when the korean brand Etude House release a new eyeshadow palette I always have an eye on that. But all the time I say to myself "No! Don't buy it, you already have so much eyeshadow!" haha, anyway... While they released some natural looking colors or more colorfull ones, but this palette has some natural colors but the most exiting parts are the blue, green and purple colors. *__* The colors are originally for summer time but I think that the colors also look good in winter, also because of the cold tone.


PRICE: $27



I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store, but as soon as the palette arrived at my house they removed it from there onlineshop, so I am not really able to tell you where you can buy this product, sorry.

The palette itself comes in a matte optic in turqoise and pink. In the palette you can find a mirror wich is as big as the top of the palette, and there are two brushes with different sides as well. (I always love when the product I use comes with the brush for it, so I am always right in using it for the application.) Also they name the colors in such a sweet way it's amazing! <3

In the palette there are 10 different colors, in matte, glitter and shimmer optic. The natural colors are really nice tough but the most catching thing are the colorfull colors (as I mentioned in the beginning.).

in the following you can see the swatches. Please enjoy them! <3

eye without anything

"High Tide" - really nice base color

"Sunset Beach" - really glittery

"Like A Mermaid" - this color is so amazingly pigmented. But it's a special color and I guess I still need to find a nice way to use this color on my eyes for a decent look.

"Starfish On Rock" - this is my favourite color in this palette because it looks like a mystical but sweet color. I use it as I use light pink colours. *__* It is also really beautyfull as blusher!

"Surfing Point" - nice for shadowing on "Starfish On Rock"

"Cave Shade" - a sweet brown but glittery color, I finaly have a  eyeshadow palette with a nice color for my eyebrows, too.

"Wet & Wild" - nonglittery warm brown color.

"Sand Castle" - I thought this color might be a bit darker but it is really nice to use on aegyosal!!

"Cocktail Shot" - this is nearly a black tone, a really darnk brown though. I also love to use it decent on my eyebrows.

"Cool Dive" - You may not see the blue sparkles in this color. It is really beautyfull but also really pigmented.

The colors are all really pigmented, but I thought that "Starfish On Rock" (The light purple) would be much more intensive as it is. But It's not so bad that this color looks more like a burgundy, because this turned out to be my favourite color! <3

So all I can say about this palette is, that it came with some special and extraordinary colors. This is really amazing for me and they look amazing. They are really nice in combination and I have created some nice eyelooks with a colortouch but it was also looking sweet and charming. I guess the best solution in eyecolours is to use them as a highlight element, one color only. I wouldn't combine the green and the purple, I think this would be to much but a nice look with the green or purple only is really amazing in my opinion. *__*

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you still have questions please feel free to ask me.

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