Friday, December 7, 2018

Why were we so silent?

Why were we so silent?

by Violetta 



one of my watercolor paintings from summer


Hey Loveliez,

maybe you have or you haven´t wondered why we haven´t been posting recently. Well, there have been a huge changes in both of our lives.

As you may know, we both studied textile design and well, we did our bachelor degree successfully. Both of us wanted to do the master degree right after that, because of some family issues, we are not able to continue our studying after a certain break of one year or so. But since live is quite unfair, or prof didn´t wanted any of us to continue our study. (I think just because of personal preferences, but surely I don´t know exactly).

So the only chance we had was starting to write applications and hope that any company is willing to give professional beginners a chance. Fortunately Rosalie found a job really quickly, but for me, the situation doesn´t look as good as for her.

After getting a job, Rosalie decited to move out of our mothers house (where we moved in again after the refusal for the master degree).

In addition to that, we wanted to celebrate our bachelor degree with a trip to japan.  (blogpost is coming soon)
It was really really a great adventure, but as you see, we didn´t really had alot time to write something. And we both think that´s really sad.
Right now, I am working part time and writing applications, Rosalie is working 8 hours + in her job. Since I am the one who has a bit more time right now, I decited to revival this blog and my regularly posting, because I always had alot of fun doing it and also could learn something new with every post.

I hope you can understand our lack of posts and that you are curious about the upcomming content, because I am thinking of making some changes...

Lovely greetings,


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wall Picture - quality and look

Wall Picture - quality and look

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
I love to hang pictures on my walls. Pictures with my friends, from vacation trips or just funny pictures. But without a frame they don't look high quality like. But there are some other possibility to hang up your pictures without a frame but in a good look. 
I tried out wall pictures (ger.: Wandbilder). The are available in different qualities like acrylic glass, alu dibond, gallery print and some others. I ordered this the wall pictures on They have nice quality.

In the past I also ordered a photo book, if you are interested you can  read my review about it, too.

Review: Photobook - is it worth it?

To design the final product you need to download a design program to place the pictures and order the hang up and other different things around it. Also you can choose different sizes. You can see the most used sizes but also you can order your personal own size as I did. The price isn't different to the normal sizes. The price of the product depend on how big it is and how much material they need to print on. So you easily choose your options and order the final product.

I personally ordered 2 wall pictures in the same size, 10 x 10 cm in acrylic glass quality.

After my ordering the products arrived within3 days with normal sent option. So for a spontaneous present you can have it really fast (within Germany, I guess to other countries they need some more time to send the product).

 In the following you can see the final product.

It came with an protecting foil so the product couldn't have scratches. Also I ordered the pictures with the standard hanging option. You can glue the hanging onto the wall picture, also the spacer to protect the wall from scratches from the picture.

Also the glass is really thick and looks like high quality. I really like the final products. Lso the colors came really nice and clear. 

So I think this is a really nice photo product. I think it is a bit stressing if I need to pay for every extra think which is added to the product. But anyway, the service is pretty good and the product looks nice.

I hope this review was helpful for you. Have you tested some wall picture services and want to share details about it? Please let me know because I am always searching or some new nice services.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

GOT7 EYES ON YOU Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary

GOT7  EYES ON YOU Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
I thought is was impossible for us but we finally get 2 Tickets for the Got7 Eyes on You concert in Berlin.  A week before the concert a nice Austrian Family had 2 tickets left and they asked us if we wanted them. To be honest because I was so sad about not getting the tickets at first that I nearly forget about the date of the concert. Also there was the ticket salling for the BTS concert and again we couldn't get a single ticket we were super frustrated. 

(What about you, did you get some BTS tickets? let me know in the comments, also if you have tickets to sell you can write me a message.)

Also see the first part of the concert diary (click for the link)

So we get the tickets one day before the concert and we managed to drive to Berlin the next day. We needed nearly 5 hours to arrive. I didn't knew the hall before the concert and as we arrived an saw the hall we were really shocked about the architecture. The place was covered with grass and some small trees, in the middle of the place there was a hole in the middle of the place and down the hole there was the roof or something like this which you can see. But all in all it really looked flat and strange. I haven't ever seen a building like this.
Door opening was planned at 6 pm and it started slowly. We were at 7 pm in the hall but after us there were many other fans to arrive, so I guess until every fan was in the hall it took nearly 2 hours, and the concert started at 8 pm.

Velodrom from the outside

Since we got C category tickets (seated places) we didn't need to hurry to get good places, because from the begin on we had our places. This was the first concert for us where we had seated places and I think in the beginning it is really strange. It is really different to standing tickets. With standing tickets you worry if you will get the best possible places and need to line up the whole day and stuff. But with seated places it is more relaxed, but I also think that there is a bigger party going on in the standing area. I personally love to sing and dance to the concert spirit, in seated place it is more like chilled and yeah, we really often sit down in the concert process. For me this was so strange. I wanted to stay the whole concert, but everyone started to sit down for every single video they played, I mean... WHY??? If you can explain me why you guys do that please feel free to write me. I really don't understand this.
We searched for our places and still had some time to look around in the hall. I think inside the hall looks really nice, so much better than from the outside. There were some eating shops and a bar so everyone who needs something could get it there. We also found the merchandise shop, they sold concert shirts and we both get each one. <3

Velodrom from the inside, before the concert started
Violetta and me before the concert <3

The concert started and all fans started to scream. I really love kpop concerts, they are so special. The show started with a short movie and after the members performed "Hard Carry". They really tried to show the full performance of the song, or for remix songs they also showed really amazing dances. The members looked so amazingly beautiful. The hair was perfectly styled and the clothes were so fashion like. I love this fashion side of kpop. They had lots of speeches with the fans, they also tried to speak a lot of German, I was impressed. (and please Jackson, I wanna hug you, too!!!)

Also Yongjae really surprised me with his beautiful and powerful live voice. I didn't realized how beautiful his voice is I mean do you know how it feel like you think you know his voice from the cd but no!!! You knew nothing!!!

And my favourite solo performance was the one from Yugyeom and Jackson but hell Jackson you are so small beside Yugyeom lol. And also Mark and BamBam are so thin, really! Jaeboum is like the doubble of Mark. I am kind of worried because of this but I guess we cant do anything against it. But please, guys, eat enough. Just do it for all the IGot7's, ok?

Also they performed lots of new songs but also old songs like girls, girls, girls. AND: Jackson did the body flip. OMO everyone got crazy about this! <3

It was so pretty and colorfull. And there was a nice green ocean in the show thanks to all fans.

 Also Jackson, BamBam and Mark talked a lot in english to us. I think it is easier if the members can communicate directly with the fans and don't need a translator. Also: everything was translated in German, for me no problem but I guess for people who don't came from Germany this was a bit difficult. There were Sweden, Italian and Spain fans there as well. Also I don't know if the younger German fans can understand English well enough to understand everything. This is a difficult part. 

All in all this concert was a really nice experience for me and if Got7 will come back to Germany I will try to get some tickets. But I hope they will have a bigger hall the next time so that more fans can get to see the show.  What do you think about the concert, do you had fun? ;)

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

[JOLSE] TIAM My Signature Red C Serum 30ml

[JOLSE] TIAM My Signature Red C Serum 30ml
by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!
Today I want to write about the TIAM Signature Red C Serum, which was sponsored by
This product contains "20% pure vitamin C, vitamin B12 and glutathione to deliver results in plumper, firmer, more radiant skin that appears naturally healthy, vibrant and younger looking."

The product is a red / orange liquid and really thick in consistence,but doesn´t feel sticky at all. The container includes a pipette to dose the product. The directions say that you need 2-3 drops for your face. You can use it once or twice a day, before applying lotion and cream. You can mix it with toner, but I discovered that it doesn´t mixes up with some moisturizers.

Since I´m a really straight person, I´ll let you know in the beginning of this blog post that I´m not really happy with this product.
I have used this product for two weeks every day now. The first time, 3 drops were not enough for my skin. So I used 5 drops the day after that, but that was to much. From then on, 3 drops were exactly the right amount for my skin. I feel like my face needen the vitamins and after getting it once, my face didn´t needed as much as for the first time. But I recognized that my face turned red after having it on my skin for about 1-2 minutes. I tryed the product on other areas of my skin, not only my face, and it did also turned a bit red, but not as bad as my face. the skin of my hand for example didn´t turned red. My sister also tryed it out and she said that she didn´t had such problems with it.


  • easy to dose and to apply
  • small container (but leaks just a bit sometimes)
  • includes vitamin C, vitamin B12 and glutathiode
  • you only need a small amount for your whole face


  •  intense medical smell! (even after mixing with toner or moisturizer)
  • red face after using it!
  • a bit pricy for small amount (16$ for 30 ml)
I don´t know for sure, if it helped my skin and if it did what it promissed, but I think I saw an improvement. After using it in the evening (because I couldn´t use it in the morning because of my red face), my skin feld a bit younger and healthier. But for me, it wasn´t a good result considering my red face in the evening.

In the end, I personally wouldn´t recommend you this product. Even it I let out the fact, that I get a red face every time after using it, because my sister says she doesn´t, the smell is a really great disadvantage, believe me! It doesn´t leads you to use it at all!!! I personally am not going to use it anymore.
But thank you for reading my review. Maybe you have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments. I´m really curious about what you think about is, since I don´t like it at all.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

GOT7 Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary pre

GOT7 Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary pre

by Rosalie

UPDATE 19.04.2018:
So yesterday was the ticket selling and... Violetta and me we both couldn't get a ticket. I really cant believe how this could happen. But I saw on facebook that there are really many fans who could't get a ticket, too.
 So I just can ask, how can it be that they choose such a small hall when they knew how many people wanted to go there? 
This is a bad jocke, seriously. I am sad and I dont know what to do anymore. Of course some people are selling tickets for such bad prices online now, but also there are not so many. I cant understand it. I CANT!!!!!!! 

You can share your feelings about this here, too. Please also let me know if you know someone who cant go to the concert and wants to sell the tickets.

So in future, I will not be able to continue with my concert diary for this concert. I am so sorry.

Hi Lovelies,
I am really happy to tell you this! Got7 is doing a world tour in 2018 and they will come to Germany, too. I am in heaven!! <3333
Today My Music Taste published the informations about ticket sale and presale. I have been waiting for these informations since they published the dat for the concert. So now all IGot7's have to decide wich ticket to buy. The concert will be on 08.06.2018, in Berlin (Velodrom) The tour is named after they're latest album "eyes on you".

official tour poster

Here you can see where Got7 is also going this year.

I have been in love with them since I have watched Jackson in Hitmaker. Jackson itself is just amazing, but the whole group is so awesome. I love them so much.

In this blogpost I want to inform you about the ticket prices and also want to talk about kpop concerts in general, just in case you want to go, too but havent been at one and are unshure about many things.
I have been to two concerts till now (B.A.P 2016 and 2017) and also have written a concert diary, you can read them, too, for much more details! <3 Just click at the pictures for the full diary.

B.A.P concert diary 2016 in Düsseldorf, "Live On Earth"

B.A.P concert diary 2017 in Frankfurt, "Party Baby"

ticket prices:
VIP (standing, early entry, high touch ticket): 180€
A (standing): 130€
B (standing): 95€
C (seated): 75€
D (seated): 55€

The presale startson 16.04.2018 at 16:00 EST and ends on 18.04.2018 15:30 EST.

Where to buy tickets:


The stage in Berlin and the categorys.

I have made good experiences with Eventime, but I havent buyed tickets at Kontickets. If you already have, please let me know about your experience. <3

Just after seeing the ticket prices I think they are not as expencive as at the B.A.P concerts, but also not cheap. Just for an example: my mum payed 100€ for ACDC, and they are world wide legends, but for a korean group you can pay up to 180€. It's crazy in my opinion but ok, I need to see them. Since I am a student I am not able to buy the VIP ticket. Huuuuuuuuu :´(
But I am thinking about category C or D... (So if you want to know where we will be, somewhere at C or D, I will update you via twitter when I will know)
Just after my experience I think if you want to see the group but dont have so much money I also think it is worth it. I always went for the lower category's but was happy all the time. I was in the standing category's before, but this time we will try the seated tickets. As I know from other fans teh seated tickets have the number of your chair on it, so for me this means I don't have to drive 03:00 AM like to Berlin only to have the numbering. (If you dont know: many of the fans want to make everything easyer for everyone. I think this is really nice. They want to organice around 08:00 AM the numbering, you get your number wehn you have arrived there and after you line up with this numbering again. This is to prevent that some girls camp in front of the hall only te be in the first row. But for me, not living in Berlin, it's hard with driving so early in the morning and stuff).

For all intern and fan based information and organization the facebook groups are really greta. If you hav some questions you can ask them there, some girls know the location well or are in the organisation group as well (for the numbering).

At the concerts the bagproblem is always a big thing. Since I will come with my car I will left everything there. Its more compfortable at the concert. But if you do that, too, you need to drink and eat enough beforehand. I always see girls crying and screaming crazily and they flip over. The concert will be over for them at the ambulance station, how horrible. So please sleep and eat and drink enough!! <3 Its just for you to have a nice concert.

I guess you have more questions about everything. I just can say I am always free for questions!<3 Or you can write in the facebook groups. Also if you want to write me about your concert experience please feel free to do it. I am always happy to read from you! <3

Also I hope this blogpost was helpfull for you. Maybe we see each other at the concert! <3
I will also write after the concert about my experiences! <3

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DIY Avocado Face Mask (with natural ingredients)

DIY Avocado Face Mask (with natural ingredients)

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
long time no see.  I am sorry that I havent showen up so much lately but I was really busy. Maybe also the long wintertime made me be a bit lazy, too haha... who knows! ;)

But now spring is starting and I am really excited about planting and having my own growen vegetables and stuff soon. With this enthusiasm and my leftover avocado I decided to do a diy avocado face mask, also as recipe just for you! <3

I love eating avocado for breakfast but sometimes there are leftovers that couldn't be eaten. So I decided I will use it as mask instead of only throwing it away. (I guess I am not the only person with this problem, let me know if you have this problem from time to time, too.)

So for the recipe, you need ingredients that you mostly have at home anyway.
You need:

-avocado leftover
-fork or spoon
-small bowl

So at first I putted the avocado into a small bowl and tried to mash it up so that there is kind of a creamy consistency. Next I added one tablespoon of honey and also one tablespoon of milk. The honey helps to let the mask stay on your face but also addes more moisture. The milk makes the mask more creamy. You need to be carefull with the amount. If you havent so much avocado then use less milk, because the mask can become to much liquid. Give everything a good mix and the mask is done.

this is how the finnished mask looks like

Before you apply the mask you need to clean your face (as usual before you put on a mask) and your hands. After I applyed the mixture with my fingers onto my skin and massaged it into it. I have to say that the amount of mask was nearly to much for my face, so you see you don't need much avocado. After the mask is evenly applyed onto my face I left it on for 20 minutes. Just at the beginning I could feel the cooling effect of the mask. This is really great for hot springdays or summer. 

Me with the mask onto my face, after 20 min on. I kind of look like an alien to strangers. lol

Also the mask didn't dropped of from my face. After the 20 minutes the mask was kind of soaked into my skin. I massaged the leftover mask into my face and washed it of with lukewarm water. If you love the smell of avocado this is also amazing for you. All the time I made the mask and had it onto my face it smelled amazingly like fresh avocado. yummi! <3

I had no skintroubles after the mask and my skin feeled really clean and nice but not dry.
So I think this is a nice opportunity for not throwing away the leftover.

I hope you like this kind of recipe, if you want more mask recipes like this please let me know.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Etude House "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch"

Etude House "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch"

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
wich season is your favourite?
I love spring and fall, but winter, especially this cold winter is driving me crazy. Ok, I know there are places in the world where it is much more cold, but I cant stand this for to long. This weekend we had -14°C!!!! We went out for a short walk and after this I was frozen. 

I need to really look out for my skincare. It is horrible!!
(Just want to update you about my everyday problems... huuu.)

To calm down I love to do face masks. Just a while ago I  ordered a bunch of different face patches from Etude House and todax I wanna show you one of them because I really liked it! <3

It is the "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch". It is supposed to help against blackheads on your nose especially, but of course can be used on other spots on your face. In general it should clean the skin where it is used.




I odered the product at the Etude House Global Store but it is also available at other shop's.

The mask came out with a line of some other mask's. We wrote about them on a other blogpost:

Blogpost: masks masks masks (click for link!)

To use the mask you need to cleanse your face and towel dry it. After that you onl need to put the patch out of the packaging and put it onto your face. The shape of the patch is perfect for my nose, really big outlining. It catches a big spot on my face. I putted it onto my nose part and left it on for 10 minutes. 

just putted the mask out of the packaging

applied onto my nose area

In this time the liquid in the patch started to bubble like crazy. It felt like something is working on my skin, but it was nothing bad and it doesn't hurt. I removed the patch after the time and massaged the leftover bubbles into my skin. After all of the bubble/liquid was absorbed fro my skin I washed my face again with water and applyed a moisturizing mask. 

after 10 minutes, see all the bubbles! *__*


The leftover bubbles on my skin after I have removed the patch.

I really could see how clean my skin was on the part where the mask was. AMAZING! It worked so much better than other black head strips I have used since now.

Do you have some nice products against blackheads? Please show them I really want to try out some more things! <3

I hope this review was helpfull for you.
If you still have any questions feel free to ask! <33

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