Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE "O-LE-MONG One Shot Sherbet Cleanser"

ETUDE HOUSE "O-LE-MONG One Shot Sherbet Cleanser"

by Rosalie

Hi my Lovelys,
since a few days it is pretty hot here in Germany. It feels like more and more that I am a spring type of person and can't controll my makeup and sweat in summer. (eah, sounds disgusting haha, sry!!)

Anyway, in these hot days it is really important to take good care for your skin. For me it is to clean my skin and remove the makeup nicely.

So I decided I will show you my cleanser that I am using right now. It's the ETUDE HOUSE "O-LE-MONG One Shot Sherbet Cleanser".



VOLUME: 150ml

PRIZE: $14.40


I odered this product at the ETUD HOUSE Global store. The product line "O-LE-MONG" has some other product's as well like a foam cleanser.

picture from ETUDE HOSUE about the details

It is pretty much a oil cleanser, you have to apply it onto your dry skin, massage it and then remove it with water.
When you first open the box you can smell a great lemon/grapefruit mix. Really fruity, I like it, not chemical. The design is also really neat, the yellow gives me a feeling from some great citrus fruits and freshness. Also the shape is handy and doesn't take to much space in my bathroom.

When you took the product out of the box it is milky white, but when you massage it in, it turns into something transparent and oily. When you wash it off it turns into transparent white again. 

As you can see the cleanser really does a great job. It has removed everything!! <3

 I think this product is really easy to use and effectice as well. Because you don't have to rubb your face hard, only massage it, it really is a soft cleanser and pretty nice to your skin. After you have removed it there is a bit of this fresh lemony smell left, but only a small bit. My skin feels a bit dry after this product, but I guess this is pretty normal. After cleansing I can apply a nice moisturizer and my skin is well prepared for the next hot summer day yeii! <3

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have tried some other products of this line please tell me, I am interested if they work as well as this cleanser do.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

BTS nominated for Billboard Music Awards

BTS nominated for Billboard Music Awards

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
I was such a proud ARMY when I heard that BTS are nominated for an american music award. OMG!!! I think this CAN be something amazing and will bring them some attention that they deserver!! OMO, I am so done!

To give you some more details: BTS are nominated on the Billboard Music Awards 2017 in the category "Top Social Artist". (I really don't know if this category is a big thing or not but I guess our kid's should bring this award home to korea haha!!)

To get this award we need to vote for them.
Click for the link!!

The show will be on MAY 21st so untill then we have the chance to do something for them!

I have read that they will also join the award show, so they will be in America, good for the american ARMY's. But even if I am normally not interested in american shows I think we all can do something for the kpop music industry. In my opinion the korean music is often much better than the american or german ones. I´ve showed my mom and her boyfriend some music video's (they are no kpop fan's) but they also said that the albums are made with so much more love and the music videos are full with amazing effect's comparred to american and german ones and they also said that the singer's are really great.

Beside, BTS are the secound korean music group wich is nominated for an american award, first Big Bang was nominated on the MTV Music Awards.

I don't know if anyone read this and don't know BTS? You really should check them out. 



They make a hip hop -like music, but lately they also did some different kind of music, more soulfully. The ARMY likes it, so do I. 
I guess BTS get most attention with their music video for "I Need You", wich is the beginning of a long range with a big story behind. There are maaaaany descriptions from the fan's but this is really something deep wich isn't solved yet I guess.

I was also proud that they're last album where the lyric's are inspired by german writer Hermann Hesse. 

BTS really isn't some ordinary boygroup, they are special and I wish them the best. So please help getting them the award.

Beside, what do you think about this american attention with this award stuff? Is it good for them or not? Do you want to have a small fandom or a worldwide fandom like BTS might get soon?

HAHA! Some BTS SHIT! I just love them so much! <33

If you wanna hear more about BTS please let me know or if you have some quetsions.
Share the ARMYNESS around and be proud and selfconfident as the kid's are. :D 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

B.A.P WORLD TOUR PARTY BABY FRANKFURT 05.05.2017 concert diary


by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!

What a wonderful day it was, when my sister, my friend and I started early in the morning to go to Frankfurt am Main to visit the B.A.P WORLD TOUR PARTY BABY CONCERT.

Awww it was so early in the morning ... we started 4 am, to be in Frankfurt at 8 am to get a good place in the first row. As in the last year, we "just" got a GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ticket, which was around 100 €. There were 6 different ticket categories, 4 in the party pit, where you got different extras, from a photo with the members and hand shaking event and also some merch, and 2 categories in the general admission, standing and seated.
Since we wanted to party together with B.A.P, we wanted to stand as near to the stage as possible. *.*

After 4 hours driving, we made it to get really good numbers, as you can see. ^^
The whole numbering was organized by fans, because the event organizer didn´t wanted to organize it. But I personally think this is a really good thing, to prevent people camping infront of the hall and that the people don´t have to stay the whole day just there. (Because you all know there are fans that would do that, me too.)
And here I really want to say thank you to these awesome people, who spend the whole day organizing everythink infront of the hall. You all were always kind and everything was really great time mannaged.

Since we went there by car, it was really easy for us to store our bags and jackets somewhere before the concert. Since we came so early, we didn´t had to pay any parking fees. I saw later, people had to (but I don´t know how much).

As last year, the entering was a bit hectic. The official entering time was 18 pm, but the diamon ticket owners (the ones who could take a photo ith the B.A.P members) were admitted half an hour earlier, because I think they took the picture before the concert (but I don´t kow exactly). That´s why the rest of the audience where admitted a bit later, which first doesn´t sounds so bad, but if you were awake since 3 am in the morning and standing for a view hours in line, your legs are tired and maybe, you want to visit the toilet. So yes, in that moment, half an hour feels like 5 hours. :O
After the gold ticket owners entered, there was a bit chaos which caused that all cathegories left entered at the same time.
Maybe it was the first time, that the security personal ahd to deal with so much different cathegories

But again, the fans were really kind to each other. We also met one girl who gave us some dextrose, packaged super cute with a picture of the members. She was so cute.

That´s the thing I like about kpop fans, they also care about each other and know what it means, to get the chance to see ones idols maybe just one time only in life.

They also offered merch in front of the hall. This year it was less chaotic than last year. You could also buy some concert bracelets (fan organized) and light sticks, but the latter jut with preordering. As you may know (if you also read the concert diaries from last year) I already had my lightstick. Rosalie bought her beforehand on Daebak (click for the link), a german online store for kpop merch and such stuff.

Comming to the concert itselfe, it was  A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

The concert hall itselfe has a really good size. it was more wide than long, means everyone was standing quite nead to the stage, which was really broad itselfe. So I think the view was good even from the rear standing areas. The seating area was on a platform, so that they also had a really good view I suppose.

Himchan Instagram update #GERMANY

Since the motto was "PARTY BABY", they chose songs that are typical. They also started the concert with kind of an opening act of the DJ "B.SHOO", which was kind of nice, but since he just played american music, it didn´t matched my music taste, but it was ok.

Same as last year, when the boys get on stage, I was flashed how beautiful a human being can be. It´s so unbelieveable.

So the songs all had kind of a "party" feeling, chosen really good in my opinion. The only disadvantage is, that they didn´t came up with songs like "Warrior", "Young, Wild & Free" or "1004 Angel", not even "With You". That was a bit sad, but they did songs like "Hurricane", "No Mercy" and "Feel So Good", also some of their latest songs like "Skydive" and "Awake".

They said, they performed "One Shot" only in germany, because of the reaction from last year. (As they said, they didn´t performed it in other countries, but that is really sad, because this one is one of my favourite songs.) 

They also did a bit more special effect on the stage compared to last year. The confetti, smoke and lights gave us a really party like feeling.

During their first talk, they also tryed to speak german. Was so cute. They had a really good pronunciation, if you ask me. Please watch the video above to hear for yourself. *.*

Since I preparred myselfe with some ear plugs, I understood their talk really good. But with this trick, I also heared all the songs much better compared to last year.

B.A.P also planned a special event. Beforehand they announced, that Baby´s should dress up in certain party outfits as the members explained on thei social media. What we didn´t know: One of the members is choosing one Baby out of the audience, to bring her on stage and well ... has a little chat with her. ^^

In germany, it was Zelos part. It was soooo cute, he chose one girl from the party pit area and beside some loveshots on stage, he became her boyfriend. It was so crazy, just as if a fanfiction was comming realty.*.*

cut out from the video Zelo gave to her

Nicole, the girl chosen, stayed really cool and as a present, she got the whole meeting on stage with the members an a video. Zelo said he also was a bit nervous (nervous enough to drop his drink). ^^
In the end, Zelo kindly accompanied her back to the auditorium. So cute. 😍
Since she also is such a beautiful girl, I think she represented the german Baby´s really good. ^^

~~~ such a lucky girl ~~~

All in all, the concert was really amazing, and is also worth it if you can only buy the cheaper tickets as we did. B.A.P made some careful intimations, that they´re coming back next year, but that´s not set yet. I personally really hope so, because this concert was one of the best evenings in my live. (The other one was the concert last year. ^^) So if B.A.P is coming next year again, I hope there is nothing standing in my way to attend it then.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. If you are interested, please read our concert diary of the B.A.P concert last year (click for the link). If you have any further questions, please ask. We are always happy to chat with you in the comments.

Please click to have a look on our PRE CONCERT DIARY of this year. You can find there details like ticket prices and so on.

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