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Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack [ #greentea , #strawberry , #blacktea ]

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack 

[ #greentea , #strawberry , #blacktea ]

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
today I am reviewing a very exciting product: a bubble tea sleeping pack. The product look's like a bubble tea and for the mask you have to squeeze the bubbles, simply a fun product! <3 but later more about how to use it! ;)
It's from the brand "Etude House" and again, the packaging is so adorable. I don't know how, but they always have these cute ideas how to design the product to make it even more fun to use them.

The product itself is a sleeping pack, wich means it's like a cream mask you  wear during you sleep. The product came out in 3 types: green tea, strawberry and black tea. 
Me my sister and my mother we have all sleeping packs from this range, so I am able to show you everyone in detail! ;)


VOLUME: 100g


PRICE: $ 13.20 (or all for  39.60)

I ordered the products at the Etude House Global Store, the prices are from the store, too. You may find different prices on other websites.  

At first I will show you how the pape boxes look like, where the product's where packed in. You can find the ingredients and the "how to use" on there. I know there are many pictures in this review but I know that there are some people who needs all this informations! ;)


I think the pictures on the boxes are super cute, too. When I saw that the first time I can't wait to use this product! <33

Every bottle has it's own spoon, wich you can clip on to the side of the top. That's really nice, because you always know where this spoon is and may not loose it, like me, I always loose those spoons! :D When you open the bottle you have an extra (I don't know how to call it) savety thing between. Put it away and you can get the product (finally!). :D

On the bottom of the bottle there are the bubbles, laying in the gel.

 green tea sleeping pack: (smells clean, like fresh showered)

strawberry sleeping pack: (smells sweet, a bit fruity)

black tea sleeping pack: (smells like advocaat :D no joke!! but still lovely not like alcohol. I really like the smell!)

To the smells: I love every single smell of them. It's super lovely and doesn't stay long, so it doesn't disturb be during sleeping.

The consistency of every sleeping pack is the same. The jelly like "tea" is like a cream or a gel, the bubbles are a bit more harder. But when you mix the gel and the bubble with the spoon they can mix together nicely. 

How to use:

To get the product out of the bottle you should use the spoon. Putting some gel and a bubble out, than I put both on my hand to mix it. After mixing it you should put it onto your face and massage it in. (But I think using only the gel is also a nice mask. The fact is that the bubbles are not enough for all the gel, so you HAVE to use the mask from time to time without the bubble. The only thing with this is that you get less moisture without a bubble. But still get much mositure, so don't get me wrong!!) After massaging there should be a veeeeeery thin layer of the product. After waiting a bit it get's dry, but you still can see that your skin is more shiny than before. Sleeping with this on wasn't a problem for me or my other girls who tried it! Because it is dry it feels nearly normal and yea, no problem with that.
In the next morning you have to wash the mask of with water. Then your skin feels like nicely moisturized. Simply super nice and soft! <33

On the swatch you can see how the green tea sleeping pack looks like on the skin and NO, your skin isn't green! :D

I read that one bottle is supposed to be enough for one month, but I have this now for more than two month's I think.
I never had any skin brakeouts or some problems with this. Even my mom get along with her black tea pack very well, she loves it, too. <3

-nice moisture over night
-easy to appy
-nice smell
-you get a spoon with it (for easy application)
-you can choose between 3 types
-you can use it for a long time
-you can have two different intensitys of moisture, depends on if you use a bubble or not

-not enough bubbles for every using

All in all I really love this product. It's easy to use, has a nice smell and a fun product itself. So I recommend this to all of you who want's a nicely moisturized face. This really is a big help in my skincare routine! <33

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If you still have some questions, please feel free to aks me! <3


  1. Great review! I just bought the strawberry bubble tea sleeping pack from Etude, I can't wait until it comes in the mail :)

    1. I hope you will love them as much as we do. <3 You may send us a message what you think about it when you recieved it (I´m always curious what others say to korean products). Have you ordered it at the official global page of ETUDE HOUSE?

      Greetings! Violetta <3