Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Etude House VS. Yves Rocher

Etude House VS. Yves Rocher

by Rosalie

Hi Everyone,
today I want to do something really interesting, it's like a comparission between two of my favorite beauty brands:

 ETUDE HOUSE VS. Yves Rocher.

The theme is CONCEALER. I compare stick concealer wich are a bit alike to see wich one is the best one! *__*

The first concealer is the ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Stick Concealer:

The secound concealer is the Yves Rocher Sebo Végétal:

Both packagins are alike in shape. Don't took to much space and are practical. The ETUDE HOOUSE one has a skincolored tone for the packagin. The Yves Rocher one has a fresh green color that stands out, wich makes it easy to find it in the mass of my makeup products! :D

The Yves Rocher Stick is a bit shorter than the ETUDE HOUSE one.

But the most important thing about the products is the swatch:

Ok, the color I choosed from the Yves Rocher stick is to dark, but the product only came in one shade. (in the description for this concealer the brand said that this consistency can match every skin tone but as you can see... it DON'T!!!) The ETUDE HOUSE stick is perfect for my skintone (You can choose from 3 colors).

As you can see the ETUDE HOUSE one can cover the eyeliner bether, it also is easyer to blend, it's more smooth! <3

from the pricy side they are eaqual:

ETUDE HOUSE: around 7€

Yves Rocher: around 7€

The worst thing about the ETUDE HOUSE product is you have to order in South Korea wich is really a big thing for people living in Europe (or not living in Asia). Shipping costs, long waiting until you can have the product (because of the shippment), hard to communicate if you have problems with the product (from person to person)
The Yves Rocher stick is easy to get, simply order online or go to a store nearby.

All in all:


ETUDE HOUSE: space saving design, 3 colored system, easy to blend, nice coverage

Yves Rocher: Space saving design, fresh green color, easy to buy (online or in a store nearby)


ETUDE HOUSE: you have to order from a online store in South Korea -> hard to get

Yves Rocher: only one color, doesn't cover as nice as ETUDE HOUSE, not as easy to blend

If I have to choose my favorite or if I should recommend a concealer to you it would definetly be the ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Stick Concealer. For me there aren't any disadvantages, so simply a perfect product! <33 If you want to have this product you have to order online on a south korean store, wich can be a bit hard, but for me this was really one of the best things I have ordered!

If you want to learn where you can buy korean beauty products you can read Violettas Review:

Where to buy korean beauty products?

I hope this post was helpful for you. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me! <33

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