Sunday, August 14, 2016

Etude House Play Nail, Nail Polish my collection

Etude House Play Nail, Nail Polish - my collection

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
at the moment I am obsessed with nail polished, because summer time is simply perfect for it! <33

That's why I decided to made this post where I collect all links about Etude House Nail Polishes that I've written till today!<333

 I noticed that the colors match together really well. Such a nice color play!!

Play Nail Part I

Play Nail Part II

Play Nail Fall Collection

Play Nail Berry Delicious Collection

Nail Remover #1 mild

I hope this collection is helpfull for you. I simply love the nail polishes from Etude House! <333
So if you feel like you should order some new nail polishes you definetly should try out one from Etude House! <33

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Do you have a special favorite color?? Like a color you could were every day? :)


  1. Mmm, a colour I could wear every day? Simple. Black! I mean, it goes with everything that's in my closet. But I like bright colours too! Of course these Etude House nail polishes are a bit to cute for me, but they look good on you.
    - Katia

    1. thank you! *__* of course black is a nice answere! :D