Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Etude House "Berry Delicious" Collection

Our Etude House "Berry Delicious" Collection

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
in this post you can find all reviews about the Berry Delicious line from Etude House that we've got. So If you are interested in some special products you can read our review about it! <33

[Berry Delicious] Color In Liquid Lips

[Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes

[Berry Delicious] Play Nail

[Berry Delicious] Cream Blusher

All in all I think that all Berry Delicious products are really cute designed with much love and the quality of the products is really good. My personal Highlight is the new consistency from the color in liquid lips line with some surprising colors! <33 Violetta is absolutely in love with the blusher. So if you are interested you definetly should try out one of these special and cute products of the Berry Delicious line. We are already in love with them! :D

Do you also have a personal Highlight in this Berry Delicious line?? Or do you have other cute products you lately have fallen in love with??

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