Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DIY Hairmask & Facemist - natural ingredients

DIY Hairmask & Facemist

peppermint, sage, lemon balm, chamomile

by Rosalie

Hi everyone, 
today is eco-time! *__* 

There are so many herbs out there, wich can do miricals within your beauty routine. That's why I want to share two easy DIY's with you, to create a vegan option to help your hair and skin, keeping it moisturized! <3 They can keep your hair and skin lifely and fresh plus naturally moisturized.

For my DIY you only need peppermint, water, lemon balsam, sage and chamomile. (If you not have all of the herbs that's no problem. Each herb has so many vitamin's that can help your skin and hair. So you can do this DIY also only with one herb!)

I took all of the herbs (except ot the chamomile) out of my garden, so less cost's! ;)

At first of corse you have to get the herb's and for a bether work you should crush them a bit. Put them in a cup or a bowl. (You can also mix them and put them in one bowl, I only do this that you can see the different color's of the leaf's!)

 The next step is like making tea, ok I mean it's absolutely the same! :D

Put some hot water into the bowl and let it soak. (like tea)

after a few hour's the liquid should look like this:


Now you have to put out the herb's and your hair mask / face mist is done! <33

How to use:

hair mask: I put the liquid into a bowl and pour it over my had (My sister helps me to, that makes it much easier!!).  Then it should stay in your hair for at least 20 minutes (I often leaf it in over night. After it's dry my hair AND skin on my had is refreshed and mositurized. In the morning I wash it out.).

face mist: for the best use you should have a mist bottle and fill the liquid in. Whenever you feel like you need a fresh mositure onto your face you can spray in on. To help it soak bether into your face you can massage it into your skin. Plus you also can use the mist in summer for cooling down your face. It's so refreshing.

If you try this DIY out I would be happy if you send me some picture's when you try it. I hope you like it as I do. <33 If you have other tip's for a DIY with natural ingredient's you can share them here that everyone can read it and try it out.

If you have some question's please let me know!
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