Monday, February 26, 2018

Etude House "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch"

Etude House "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch"

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
wich season is your favourite?
I love spring and fall, but winter, especially this cold winter is driving me crazy. Ok, I know there are places in the world where it is much more cold, but I cant stand this for to long. This weekend we had -14°C!!!! We went out for a short walk and after this I was frozen. 

I need to really look out for my skincare. It is horrible!!
(Just want to update you about my everyday problems... huuu.)

To calm down I love to do face masks. Just a while ago I  ordered a bunch of different face patches from Etude House and todax I wanna show you one of them because I really liked it! <3

It is the "Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch". It is supposed to help against blackheads on your nose especially, but of course can be used on other spots on your face. In general it should clean the skin where it is used.




I odered the product at the Etude House Global Store but it is also available at other shop's.

The mask came out with a line of some other mask's. We wrote about them on a other blogpost:

Blogpost: masks masks masks (click for link!)

To use the mask you need to cleanse your face and towel dry it. After that you onl need to put the patch out of the packaging and put it onto your face. The shape of the patch is perfect for my nose, really big outlining. It catches a big spot on my face. I putted it onto my nose part and left it on for 10 minutes. 

just putted the mask out of the packaging

applied onto my nose area

In this time the liquid in the patch started to bubble like crazy. It felt like something is working on my skin, but it was nothing bad and it doesn't hurt. I removed the patch after the time and massaged the leftover bubbles into my skin. After all of the bubble/liquid was absorbed fro my skin I washed my face again with water and applyed a moisturizing mask. 

after 10 minutes, see all the bubbles! *__*


The leftover bubbles on my skin after I have removed the patch.

I really could see how clean my skin was on the part where the mask was. AMAZING! It worked so much better than other black head strips I have used since now.

Do you have some nice products against blackheads? Please show them I really want to try out some more things! <3

I hope this review was helpfull for you.
If you still have any questions feel free to ask! <33

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Photobook - Is it worth it?

Photobook - Is it worth it? 

by Rosalie 


Hi Lovelies,
today I want to write about something different but I think you will be interested in this as well.
As you may know I am studying textile design and beside this photography is a important hobby for me! <3 

I also have an extra instagram account for my photos : @c.m.b.rose
(maybe you are interested in this.)

In connection to this I layouted my own photobook with my photos, to have them printed out and easily show them on a job interview or something similar.

I think photobooks are really awesome. You have your photos and with this your memories are together in one book. It can be for yourself, for a nice family album or as a present for friends and family. Or you can use it like me for job interviews haha. You see they are really handy.

I ordered my photobook on . They really have some nice options for photobooks, in different sizes with different paper and so on.

To layout my photobook I needed to download the specific software and work with it. It took me like 20 minutes to really see how the program workes, but I work with some digital photosoftware all the time, so if you are not so confident in working with these kind of programmes it may need some more time for you. 
They have different options at the beginning. There you can say wich size, paperquality and more options you want for your book. For every option you have to pay extra, this is not so good, I don't like to always look on the price while I am working on a nice object.

You can alwys swithc from side to side and put in the photos. The program also showes you wich photo you already have used in it.

I havent choosen a specific layout, so I was able to place the objects whereever I wanted them to be.

I decided to make a DIN A5 sized book with matte paper.

The software came with some layout examples you can use but I decided to work in my layout freely, means to do my own layout. I wanted to achieve a modern and clean looking layout, where the most important point is on the picture itself and not on some detailed specials or anything.

It took me like 2 hours to finish my photobook and for me it was really fun. I really like to layout these things! <33
After I finished this layout work the program asked for the payment, the shipping details and telled me when it will arrive.

They telled me that my product will need 5 days to arrive but it already rrived after 2 days, this was really amazing. I think this is awesome for a service where they print one extra product.

The book was savely packed, so nothing bad could happened accidentially.

Looking at the book it really gives me a nice feeling. I really like to see my photos printed and collected in this neat book. Also the quality is really nice. The paper is thick and the photos are in high resolution printed. Also the color are like I wanted them. To let something print online is always a bit risky because you dont know the printer andhow the paper quality will be and so on. But I am really happy with this photobook.
Also I can say that the service is really nice. In total I payed 20€ for my photobook with 26 pages.

The code on the backside of the book and...

... on the last page inside the book.

The only thing that is not so nice is the code wich is printed on the book. I could have ayed for it to be removed but I think that 5€ is to much to remove 2 small codes. This really pissed me of. This is related to all the small extras you have to pay for. But beside this I really like this product.

The first and the last page are glued to the hardcover. If you want a white extra page you need to leave this space free.

I really recommend you this webside for printing your photobook.

Do you have any experiences with printing something online or also doint photobooks?
Or do you prefer to have your  photos digital?

I hope this review was helpfull for you!<3

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Yves Rocher Body Oil with oat extract

Yves Rocher Body Oil with oat extract

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,
just in case you didn't know, Violetta and me we adopted a cat. SO in my last post I wrote that we were thinking about adopting one but now he is living with us for one week already. We adopted a cute old male cat, he is around 13 or 14 years old. He loves to cuddle and his fur is so amazingly long and fluffy. Just tell me if you want to see some pictures of him, I would love to share them with you! <33

Anyway, just today morning it started to snow again and last friday was the opening ceremony of the olympic games in South Korea in Pyeonchang. I have watched the ceremony and I loved it. But that again showed me that winter isnt gone and we will be having some cold days waiting for us. So Skincare is important but not only on faceskin, it is also really important to keep the whole body skin moisturized. To be honest most of the time I am way to lazy to really put on some bodylotion or oil but nethertheless I have some products I want to share with you that kind of help me with my dry skin.

I think Yves Rocher Products are always good to my skin, especially the ones for my skin. The best handcreams I have are from Yves Rocher and also the best bodylotions.
So I want to introduce you to a bodyoil from Yves Rocher I have used for a while now. In german it is called the "2 Phasen Pflegeöl mit Haferextrakt für sehr trockene Haut", but I cant find the exact english name. My translation would be :2 phrases moisturizing bodyoil for dry skin with oat extract.
I also searched online at the ves Rocher online shop but I couldn't find this product but I don't think that I have bought it long ago. Strange...... 




PRICE: $10

VOLUME: 100ml

The design of the bottle is neat but nothing special I guess. Like it is handy because you simply spray on the product onto your body and rub the product onto your skin.

The product is a two phrase product wich means you have to shake it before you can use it.
The product contains oat extract and it also has a strong smell of it. It is not like I dont like it but I like some flowery or sweet scents much more. I have bought the product mainly because my legs are super dry and with shaving it is really bad. 

On thes super dry parts the product is really good. It is a body oil no a bodylotion so at least it should be a bit more moisturizing. And I guess thats why after like 5 to 10 minutes I still can feel this oily consistency onto my skin. It is ok because it feels like my skin is protected from loosing any moisture but with my legs always beeing dry it feels kind of uncompfortable for me. But I guess it is only because it is the absolute difference from my normal feeling. I also don't use the product every day. In winter it is nice to use it but it is also good in summer time, my legs need to be shaved every day to look good and without long trousers on my legs but with a short summer dress the legs feel good, too.



So regardless to the scent I think this body oil is really nice t my skin and easy to apply. Also it is easy to transport if you tarvel and need this extra moisture because of other water quality (My skin always struggle with different water qualities and gets dry or irritadet.).

I hope this review was helpfull for you an if you still have any questions please feel free to ask me! <3

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