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ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Twin Shot LIPSTINT" #RD304

by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!
Today I wanted to show you the new "Twin Shot LIPSTINT" of the Pink Skull collection by ETUDE HOUSE. It´s so awesome! You can create 5 different lip looks with this one product. Check that out below. ^^

This review was sponsored by ETUDE HOUSE. My sister and me were able to participate the "PINK BIRD" project so we are able to show you the newest products from ETUDE HOUSE. This lip tint was included in the secound box from august.

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You can get this product on the official global online store of ETUDE HOUSE for 14.40 $.

As you can see, ETUDE HOUSE offers this tint in two shades. In each are two different colours included. 

The redish colour is a mousse tint, which means it is matte (but in my opinion not dying at all). The texture is really good blendable and the colour is really high pigmented.

The secound colour is more glossy like, but it is not so much pigmented. It should darken up the first colour by applying it over it.

mousse tint

pearl tint

Unlike the original "New Twin Shot LIPSTINT" you don´t have a button which you have to push to get the secound colour out of the applicator of the first colour. Here you have two seperated bottles with two applicators.

here you can see that the miusse tint is matte and the pearl one is glossy

The cool thing about this is that you have a small product and two colours included. Whith them you can create 5 different lip looks. Here are some swatches of the colours.

You can see that the pearl tint has not such a big pigmentation, but if you like to wear glossy lips with just a hint of coloiur, this is a really great colour for itselfe. 
You can also use this colour for any other lip product. You just have to pay attention that the lower colour stays on your lips whille you apply it. 
Just naturally, the glossy pearl tint goes of really fast during eating or drinking. The red mousse tint stays under these circumstances. But in combination with each other, the colour also goes of fast, because the mixture is really glossy, too.

To summ all these informations a bit up, here is my pro & con list to this product.

  • 5 lip looks with only one product
  • mousse tint stays really nice while drinking and eating
  • mousse tint gets to bled really well
  • mousse tint is matte but not dry 
  • mousse tint is really high pigmented
  • pearl tint effect can be combinated with other products as well
  • nice smell (both colours)

  • pearl tint & both colours combinated get off really fast while drinking and eating
  • mousse tint is really dark --> not so good for a day use if fully applyed
  • only 2 different shades available

All in all I have to say, that the product is not the cheapest on the first look, but in the end you get 2 colours with it and one with a really cool darkening effect. And if you see in how many different ways you can use this one product, it´s just amazing. So I think the product is worth the money.

I can totally recommend this product to you, especially if you are looking for a darker colour. I´m so sad that ETUDE HOUSE has only 2 shades with such cool effect colours, but if you are looking for a lighter colour, you can still buy one of the original "Twin Shot Lipstint". I personally really love it because the mousse tint stays for so long on the day. Since you have 2 colours in one product this is nice for traveling or just for the everyday make up pouch. ^^

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