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Rosalie's stamp love #1

Rosalie's stamp love #1

my japanese stamps

by Rosalie

part #2:

part #3: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/rosalies-stamp-love-3.html

Hi everyone,
I can' tell you how I came to this Topic but suddenly One day I ebgan with collecting stamps. I bought my first stamp set at a store and old stamps at flee makrets... somehow I managed to have really many stamps! :D Even at my workplace a collegue noticed my love and gave me some old ones that she doesn't use anymore! (By far, best work day!! <33)

Violetta always asks me "Why do you Need so many stamps, I mean, for what??" :D
Ok, I can feel why she can't understand this but somehow this is so much fun I can't stop with this! :D

Now that I already have this collection I thought it may be fun to share this on my blog with you all! (Maybe there are other stamp lovers around there... And I am not the only crazy one) :D

Today I want to present to you my japanese stamp set's.
Both set's are from san-x, with small cute animals. They are named as the shy animals who always hide in a Corner! :D sooo cute <33

This was my first set. I bought it used on SHPOCK, until today my first and only ordering there...

Since I got it used there was one stamp missing, but in original there were 8 stamps in this set.

The stamps are really small, on Pictures they always look much bigger as they really are. But I love the size because this is super Handy, I can took them in my bag and take them with me. Whenever I am in the mood to take a stamp on I am able to do it! :D

Also it came in this cute box and with a ink pad, it's super practikal. I am in LOVEEEEE :D

The box is out of thick plastic, it feels really unbreakable!

Arent they adorable???

My second set has 16 stamps. I bought it new on ebay.

Beside more stamps there are also two ink pads in this set! <33

The different sizes of the stamps makes it really fun to use them. The big Topic of this set is : "Meeting in the onsen" :D
The cute Little animals are bathing in hot wather, having fun and beeing shy! :D
Each stamp is designed with so much love, like you really can feel the Passion san-x give for such small things!
The only Thing that I don't like is that the blue ink pad isn't super pigmented so seeing the stamp in the paper is Kind of difficult, especially compared to the red one the blue Color is to light!

That's all about my first part from my stamp collection, hope you like it!

-to be continued-

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  1. Waaah~! So extremly cute! I can totally understand your obsession with stamps, I am beginning to feel the same way. I guess, it comes from writing so many letters and postcards. I have a huge love for stickers tho.
    Love, Katia.