Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Etude House "Dust Cut Finish Cream"

Etude House "Dust Cut Finish Cream"

by Violetta 


I bought this product on the etude house global internet page ( 
This product is a cream for under your make up, which is supposed to hold back the dirt from the air and to have a protective layer, that the make up isn´t directly on the face and it could not get into the pores and clog them. With this cream, you should also be able to clean up your face more easily and more efficiently. 

This white cream has a really refreshing flowery smell, and it dryes up really fast, so you could put it onto the face and right after rubbing it in you could apply your make up.




PRICE: $14,00


Description from the internet page:
"This is a finish cream that protects skin from harmful environment by forming a protective outer film and providing care
with its plant extracts that clarify dull and exhausted skin.

During last step of skin care dispense certain amount and spread evenly onto skin.
-During Day: Protects against harmful factors in the air.
-At Night: Protects against harmful factors remaining in bedding.
*The tight feeling during absorption indicates that protective outer film has been formed."

In one advertising, there is Sully testing the product out (that you could wash the make up better up). I´ve tryed it too, and here are my results.

 Here is the video. If you´re only interested in this product, watch 0:18-0:33 and 1:38-1.50 . If you´re interested in the whole dust cut collection, then you could watch the whole video. :)

I´ve putted some different things on my arm, to see, what could get off better or worser, and if it really works like a protecting layer.

As you can see, the product really protects the skin, which you can see the best in the middle picture. The arm without dust cut is really dark smudged after washing it with water, while the arm with dust cut has only a bit rests of the make up, but you can see, that it is cleaner than the other arm. After washing the arm with cleansing foam, the arm with dust cut is totally clear, but you can see a view rests on the other one. Finally I can say that the product works quite good and confirmed my expectations (I didn´t thought that it would as good as in the advertisement).

In addition to all these characteristics, I have the feeling that the product also moisturizes your skin a bit, so I think it is a really good "under your make up"-cream. The only thing is, that I don´t like about this product, really the only thing is the price. I think it must be possible to sell it for a view less money. I´m still thinking if I would buy me this product again, because I don´t live in a region with much air pollution (actually, it is a little village ...), so I don´t really need it for that and I think if I clean my face every morning and evening thoroughly, I might not get more pimples as without the product.

Because of it´s price, I often use the product not for the whole face, but I put it on some big new pimples (because naturally I want to cover them), to not clog them. I think that works pretty good, because every time I have the feeling that these pimples get a bit smaller (it is not an anti pimple cream).

I have even tryed the product at night and I have to say, that ETUDE is right when they want to protect my skin during sleeping, because while sleeping I am sweeting, there may be some bacteria on my pillow and so on. I think the product really protected my skin at night pretty good, but I have to say, that for me this product is to expensive to use it at day AND at night, so after a view times, I only used it at the day. 

If it only were a bit cheeper and if I would live in a big city (like Seoul or something :] ), I would definitely buy it again. I think a price like $10 would be ok. But for now, I am really happy that I still have a bit of this product and I would use it for important events, like when I am working long or when I have to wear heavy make up and so on, because I don´t want to waste it. :) 

So as my final result, I would like to say that if you life in a big city and you don´t have any money problems, just buy it, you would not regret it, because this product is so wonderfull. (If I´ll have the money, I´ll definitely buy it again ^^ )

I hope this review helped you a bit and I´m really interested in your opinion of this product, so please write your opinion in the comments, because maybe you didn´t like this product so much like me (because of the smell or something, because I think such things are really a question of tast). PLEASE TELL ME! Thank you for reading. <3
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  1. WOW! I aslo think about buying this product.
    I think I would buy it thanks to your review!^^

  2. Wow I really like that! *O* Now I'm thinking about ordering this product ^^ Thanks for great review!