Sunday, March 22, 2015

Etude House "Milky You" Cleansing Foam

Etude House "Milky You" Cleansing Foam

by Rosalie

 I only buyed this product, because I got a sample with an other order. After trying this sample I think it was so amazingly, thats why I decided to buy the full product.



PRICE: $7,00 


I bougt this product on the Etude  House Global Store ( The product contains 170ml.


On the product is much description about the ingedients and how to use it, but most of it is written in korean. I took a picture from the english desrciption how to use it, but I think it is like every cleansing foams. ;)

The product is a smooth texture with a white colour. If you massage it on your face with water it makes little bubbles, like you can feel, how it cleans your face.

Now I want to show you how the product works. I have to say, that only a bit of this product is enought for your face. I think the smell is hard to descripe, but it is really a bit like milk or something. I like the smell, because it isn't chemical or to dominant. It gives you a relaxing feeling if you like this kind of smell, too.


I think you can see, that this product really can clean up your face and remove your make up. Of course it is no eye make up remover, so I think normaly I would remove most of the product in the testpicture with other things, but this cleansing foam works really well even with watherproof mascara. In the end I can say, that this product is really nice. I woudn't miss it. I ask myself how I cleared my face before I have this product, because after the first time I used it I've got sooooooo nice and soft skin, I couldn't end to touch it and be happy about it. It is amazing. An other aspect is, that this cleanser doesn't dryes out yur face. I have used other Cleanser and after them I feel that I need a extra moisturizer, but after this my skin feels well balanced. With the smell it is a amazing product for your skin cleansing and I would buy it again! <3

I hope this review could helps you. 
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