Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yves Rocher Handcream by Rosalie

Yves Rocher Handcream

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,

winter is comming these days. Its really cold here in Germany. I need to search for my snowboots and my warm pullovers. Seriously I like this season much more than I like summer, but my skin is feeling really dry, so I need to put on some extra treatment. Of course I also need to put on some nice handcream and today I write about the most rich handcream that I have used so far.

It's from the brand Yves Rocher and in this hand treatment line they have some more products, but I decided to use this super special moisturizing one! ;)

Especially in winter my hands feel like dry paper and my skin gets red and hurts a lot.


PRICE: 6,90€


VOLUME: 75ml

I bought this cream at my local store, not online. But you aso can order it online if you dont have a store nearby.

I think the size is quite big for a hand cream. Like if I start to use this cream and realize I dont like it or the smell is not good..... I have handcreams with smaller volume. But this big size is also good if I llove the cream that I dont have to run to buy a new one after using it 3 times! :D 

So I guess it depends on the situation. For me it is ok since I like the cream, but I also like to try out other creams and I guess it will take a long time for me to empty out the bottle. :D

The design isn't something special so far. This product is designed to be practical! :D (and look kind of adulty I guess haha!)

To come to the product itself I think it is a really nice hand cream. I guess I have paied less than the original price since the store often give some reduced prices. I think 7 € is a high price for a handcream but I really think that it is a nice product. My sisters hands are really REALLY sensitive to creams and she also likes the product. The product also have a strong smell. I have no problem with this but I would say you should test it yourself if you could if you are sensitive to smells. My mum always sais that she don't like the smell, so again it is different for each person! :D

All in all I really must say that this product is a lifesaver for me since it helps my hands to get more moisturized. This cream helps for more than just a few minutes to have a good feeling on my skin. The moisture effect stayes on for a long time, even after washing my hands I still can feel the moisturizing! *__* Also the cream soakes in really fast into my skin so that my hands are not oily for a long time or anything.
So I hope this review was helpfull for you and a s usual if you have some questions please feel free to ask me! ;)

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