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ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" PK 001 Lovely Skull

ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" PK 001 Lovely Skull

by Violetta

Hey lovely Ladies and Gentleman!
As I promissed before, I´ll show you here the new "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" palette I got in my PINK BIRD BOX AUGUST. But on top of that, I´ll also show you 4 different eye looks you can create with this palette, so you can also see how the colours work in combination with each other. ^^

In the picture above you can see both variants you can get. I got the one on the left side. As you see, mine is entirely much more warm toned and lighter than the other palette. The secound one is darker with more cool toned shades. Some of the single shades are a bit alike, but not completely similar.

Both match the autum season really well, although I think you can use it in every season of course. I really like the funky and rocky topic and the fancy pink shades that are included in both of the palettes.

Some of the colours are really alike to the ETUDE HOUSE "BERRY DELICIOUS Fantastic Colour Eyes", so check out our review about them and click. ^^

With 9 shades, this is a really nice size of a palette to create various looks and to take it with you on a travel. The only thing I´m missing is a mirror and a applicator.

You can get this palette regularly in the ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $ 22,80.

Having in mind that there is no mirror and no applicator, I personally think this one is not cheap, even if you get 9 shades.

As you can see in the swatches, the light colours are difficult visable, but that just comes from the fact that it is almost my skintone (LOVELY PINK, SEE THROUGH BEIGE). I really like these colours as base eye shadow.depending on which shade you want, more yellow or more pinky, you can choose between these two to get a decent light base or even use only this colour for your whole eye look.
TWINKLE PINK is really glittery, so it´s nice for the aegyo cell, or just if you want to place glitter on a certain area around your eyes. That´s why I always use matte colours (without glitter), so that I controll where the glitter goes and where not. I don´t like having my eye glittery all over (just my personally opinion).

3 of the colours are glittery / shimmery (TWINKLE PINK, ROMANTIC BROWN, VELVET BROWN) and the other 6 are matt (LOVELY PINK, SEE THROUGH BEIGE, ANTIQUE BROWN, SUGAR SKULL PINK, ROSE PINK-BROWN, LEATHER BROWN), which I really like.
The SUGAR PINK SKULL is a really nice intense pink,, just the right colour if you are looking for an eye catching colour.

The pigmentation is not thedeepest one, but I think it´s a good pigmentation for beginners, to not apply to much colour. It´s really easy to work with them. ^^
You can also use some of the more oink colours as your blusher if you like. It looked really good on me when I tryed, but you have to pay attention to not use to much colour, which happened to me when I tryed it.

ALL IN ALL I have to say that I really like the colours and the beginner-friendly pigmentation, but for this price, I´m missing a mirror and an applicator. :/ So I would say you should buy this on sale, or else I have to say ETUDE HOUSE has cheeper and also nice coloured palettes WITH mirror and applicator.

But if you are a collector and you absolutelly want this palette, I can really recommend the colours. ^^

So now, let´s start my little eye look tutorial. I hope you like the looks I created for you. I also made it really easy to follow my steps for beginners who just want to start with eye shadow, so please tell me how you think about this way I´m showing you the steps. ^^


If you want to pop your eyes up with a bit of colour, you´ll definitelly like this look. :3


For the eye liner I decited to draw a really thin line near the lashes with a dark brown colour. I also used a brown mascara to make this look really natural and lovely.

 Now I look like a little lovely fairy. ^^ I just love to apply pink shades lately. I think that really suites dark eyes and dark hair.


If you like decent looks that make your eyes bigger without to dark colours, this look is the right one for you.

This will make your eye look much bigger. But if you don´t want your eyes to have glitter on, just leafe this step out. ^^

The ROMANTIC BROWN will make your look more intense, but still decent.


 Last steps: Do your brows as I showed in the first look above. I also decited to use a brown eye liner to draw a thin line near my lashes.

I really like this look for day´s you want to look like a princess, but you don´t know which colours are matching your clothes or style of the day. This matches to every outfit in your locker.


I think you know these mornings when you realize, that you only have 5 minutes for your whole skincare and make up. XD I know them very well. That´s why I want to show you this really fast and cute eye look.

Since we are late on time, use LEATHER BROWN for your brows and make just any easy eye line as you can. Also use mascara if you have enough time, but if not, it´s ok, because the eye shadow itselfe gives your eyes a great definition and depth.

This look isn´t representing perfection, it´s just for those make up junkes of you that can´t leave the house without eye shadow.

With this 2-step-look you are really fast and don´t have to worry about the time (so much ^^). I love simple eye shadow looks that work as good as a complycated one. ^^


This look is for those of you, who want to define their eyes alot. I created it to define, but not to look to dark, because that doesn´t match every girl and in addition to that I think girls that are a bit younger should not wear to heavy and dark eye make up, but that´s what everyone of us has to decite in their own.
The only important thing is to feel good and confortable with the look wearing, that´s all. ^^

So without further do, let´s start the last tutorial. :3

 This step is for a little colour pop in the look.

 You can also apply a wing with this colour on the outher corner of your eye to get an even more girlish look.
Also put a bit of the colour directly under your eye near your lashes to make this look even more intense.

I did this as the last step, because this way you don´t need to pay attention during applying the darker colours to not put any colour there, and you also have a darker look in total. The light colour defines the eye without ruin the dark and intense look.

If you want this look to be darker, just apply a bit more of the colours. Because the dark ones are really high pigmented, I blended them a lot, to don´t look to dark. But as I applyed the colours, I personally also like this look as a daytime look.


So These were the looks I created for you. Please let me know how you think about the way I showed you how to apply the eye shadows. I did it in a bit different way in my make up tutorial of the first ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird July look. So please let me know in the comments. ^^

Thank you for reading. Please leafe a comment if you have a question or if you just want to chat. My sis and me are always happy to read your comments. ^^

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