Friday, December 7, 2018

Why were we so silent?

Why were we so silent?

by Violetta 



one of my watercolor paintings from summer


Hey Loveliez,

maybe you have or you haven´t wondered why we haven´t been posting recently. Well, there have been a huge changes in both of our lives.

As you may know, we both studied textile design and well, we did our bachelor degree successfully. Both of us wanted to do the master degree right after that, because of some family issues, we are not able to continue our studying after a certain break of one year or so. But since live is quite unfair, or prof didn´t wanted any of us to continue our study. (I think just because of personal preferences, but surely I don´t know exactly).

So the only chance we had was starting to write applications and hope that any company is willing to give professional beginners a chance. Fortunately Rosalie found a job really quickly, but for me, the situation doesn´t look as good as for her.

After getting a job, Rosalie decited to move out of our mothers house (where we moved in again after the refusal for the master degree).

In addition to that, we wanted to celebrate our bachelor degree with a trip to japan.  (blogpost is coming soon)
It was really really a great adventure, but as you see, we didn´t really had alot time to write something. And we both think that´s really sad.
Right now, I am working part time and writing applications, Rosalie is working 8 hours + in her job. Since I am the one who has a bit more time right now, I decited to revival this blog and my regularly posting, because I always had alot of fun doing it and also could learn something new with every post.

I hope you can understand our lack of posts and that you are curious about the upcomming content, because I am thinking of making some changes...

Lovely greetings,