Friday, January 29, 2016

Etude House "Save Cushion" Any Cushion Cases

Etude House "Save Cushion" Any Cushion Cases

by Rosalie



Hey Lovliez,
I really wanted to show you some swatches of the new limited edition of the "save cushion"´s. My mother, my sister and I purchised each one and I have to say that they´re all absolutely cute. 

I really like the idea of buying make-up products (what I really love) and also help the nature at the same time. :D Each case stays for a different animal in need, which you could help by purchaising it. ;)
Etude house has some other products in stock that should help the nature and the animals (there are also some really cute advertisements on youtube :) ) 
If you want to know more about this topic, just read our review about the Etude House "MISSING YOU HANDCREAM".

The cases came in a seperately packaging, so you have to pay attention when you buy it, if there is also a refill in the price included. We bought ours at the Etude House global store and there they sell it with a refill, but I don´t know if it´s the same on other shops. I heared that you can buy it seperally, but I am not quite sure. At the global etude house store, one pack with refill and case costs $18.00 ($10.00 for the refill, $8.00 for the case itselfe).

Every Etude House cushion refill fits in this cases, so it doesn´t matter which one you want to put in. It has exactly the same size as the normal any cushion case. The surface is a bit rough  (not like the case of the moistfull any cushion case), but I really like that. In this way it gives a smooth feeling when you hold it. ;)

I made the experience, that  after a certain time, each cushion case needs to be replaced, because the lock isn´t firm enough (which was really extreme with mine, because it got opened in my bag by itself and now, because the pad is getting bigger and bigger, it does not fit in quite good) and so on. So even if you only want to buy refills, you have to get a new case once (from my experience, you will need a new one after the secound or the third refill, but that could depend on how you use it and if you get it with you in your bag ...).

So I think these cases are super duper cute and in casse that you need a new oe, or if you just want to have a new funny and cute cushion case, these ones are really really great and I am soooooo happy that I got mine now. ^^

Here is my review about the Etude House "ANY CUSHION MOIST". Please read it if you are interested. :D


Thank you for reading and if you like, please leafe a comment (I am always curious what other people think about these products)
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Etude House "Play 101 Pencil" + "Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil" part 2

Etude House "Play 101 Pencil" + "Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil" part 2


by Violetta

We promised to make a part 2 of the Etude House "Play 101 Pencils" and here it is! As if that´s not enough, we also have 2 pencils of the new limited edition from Etude House "Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil" for you! He He He

Here is the link for our part 1of the "Play 101 Pencil", if you haven´t seen it. ;-)

Since I have thw beige ones and two dark brown ones, I think a little comparission is very good for those of you who are thinking about which one could be the best colour for you and your use.

All 4 pencils have a consistence which is very equal and perfect for eye make-up. It is not to wet or to dry, just a good eye make-up consistence, but I would absolutelly not use it for my lits or cheaks, because therefore it must be more creamy. The snowy dessert pencils are shimmery ones, while the two "normal" ones are mat. They all stay very long, which is because they´re not to creamy or wet. They all stay incredibly long on the skin, whichb is very awesome. :D
Since my sister and me bought two of the Etude House special sets from the "Snowy Dessert" line on the Etude House global store, we have #73 and #75 of them. I saw that they changed the pencil colours and the pudding tint colours in this set, but I bought it with the colours I just said.
 We´ll upload a review about the whole set soon. :-)

Then I have two colours of the normal Etude House "Play 101 Pencil", which are #07 and #50.


PRICE: $7.80


First I want to talk about the normal "Play 101 Pencil":

#07 is a mat, very light beige colour. It thought that I can use it for my lower water line (because white is often to heavy and unnatural) and for my aegyo sal, but in addition to that, I find out that I also can use it for concealing pimples and dark areas (like dark circles). It works very good, because it has a consistence which is perfect for eye make-up, so it is not to wet and you can blend it very well. For me it actually matches my skintone very well, so this pen is one of my favourite ones when it comes to the multifunktional use of these pencils.

#50 is a mat, very dark brown colour. I use it as an eyeliner. I think this could be the darkest brown shade they have, anyway it was the darkest brown shade they had when I ordered it on the etude house global store. This is a very beautifull colour if you don´t want a heavy shade like black, which could really give your face a hard expression. Don´t misunderstand me, black is also a very nice shade for eye make-up, but if you want a softer/smother touch up, this brwn shad eis very good for you. This pencil is also good for eyebrows, but the colour is really intensive so be carefull if you have never used an eyebrow pencil before. ;-) 

For my eyebrows I preffer the Etude House "Look at my Eyes Cafe" eye shadow #BR402 Cafe Mocha (I´ll upload a review about this eye shadow only soon, but here is our general review about  the "Look at my Eyes Cafe and Jewel"  )

Next are the "Snowy Dessert Play 101 Pencil":

#73 is a shimmery, very beige colour. It´s shimmery pigments are more colder shaded, so it´s more like white silvery shimmery, but still beige. (I don´t know if you can imagin the shade more now, but if you can see the product right in front of you, you´ll know what I mean. If you don´t understand me, just look at the pictures ;-) )
It is a bit lighter than the #07 of the "normal" pencils. This one works very good as eye shadow and for the aegyo sal, but you can use it also for your lower water line. 

#75 is a shimmery, very dark brown colour. It is a little bit lighter as the #50 of the "normal" ones and it has golden/bronze shimmery pigments in it. Because of that the colour looks a bit warmer than #73. If you want a very modestly eye liner, which is not heavy and you only want to give your eyes just a little accent, this one is perfect for you. You can also use it for your brows. The shimmery pigments are so modestly, that you don´t see them when you use them for your brows and it is not that heavy as the #50 from the "normal" pencils.
You can also use #75 as eye shadow, but I think it´s better in use for other stuff.

MY CONCLUSION for those of you who are thinking about whiich colour they should choose I have a little tip. If you´re wearing glasses the whole day, then the mat ones are the better choose for you, because shimmery pigments behind the glass makes you eyes smaller (it´s the same with eye shadow). If you are not wearing glasses, then I would choose the shiny ones, because then they´re making your eyes bigger, because of the light reflection (that´s the opposite to wearing glasses). 

Between the beige ones: If you want something to also cover up your dark circles, then choose #7, because then a not shimmery one is better for hyding. ;-) The aegyo sal lokks a bit better with #73, plus you can use it as eye shadow.

Between the dark brown ones: The shimmery #75 is not as intensive pigmented as the mat #50, so if you want a clearer eye line, then choose #50. If you want one which you could also use as eye brow pencil and eye shadow, then choose #75.

All pencils are really great to use and you can use them for manny different things. In the end I think you are really happy with the pencils, regardingless which one you choose (and I am speaking of the whole colour systeme of the pencils)

I hope you find this review usefull. Thank you for reading. if you like, please left a comment. If you made any sort of different experiences with that product, please let me know it in the comments.
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We also have a new category we´re writing about. We call it "hairlekin". Please check this out. My sister tries some hairstyles which are published by korean brands. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint (#PK001, #RD301)

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint (#PK001, #RD301)

by Rosalie

Hello my Lovelys,
seriously I love cosmetic ranges wich belongs to a season or something. Thats the reason why I ordered this Pudding Tint from Etude House wich came with the snowy dessert range. All products from this range looks so super cute! :3 I love it!!!

But at first let me say something about the product! ;)
The tint came in 5 colours:


PRICE: $10.40

VOLUME: 5.5g


I ordered these products from the Etude House Global Store.
Since it came out on christmas time they dont have all colours anymore. I dont know if they will get all colours again or other stores still have all colours.

I ordered the #PK001 Grapefruit Pudding and the #RD301 Strawberry Pudding
I didn't know that the pacaging will be sooooo amazingky cute but look, it came like a little cake in this v´cute paper box! <3333 plus it came with a spoon to get the product out.

The container is surprisingly out of glass. I thought it will be plastic, but no. I think this makes the productmore high quality somehow (only from the look). I like it but I hope it wouldn't brake if I let it fall down. :(
The cover is very thick plastic, the writing is in gold optic, I love it. especially from the #RD301 one I get this nice christmas feeling because of the red and the green, too.

But now let me show you how it looks like on my skin and lips:

I thought the colours wouldn't be very bright or very pigmented, but they are. Especially the red is very intensive (for a tint). As the name says you can apply it in different ways, like with high pigmentation ore with low. Applying it is very easy. I do it with my finger or with the spoon (only because of I think this spoon is super cute!!). haha!! So the colours are very beautiful.

The tint also have a nice scent: the strawberry one a sweet strawberry like and the grapefruit a herb and (of course) grapefruity like scent!^^

I also stand on for very long. Even after eating and drinking you dont loose the whole colour, so it is quite perfect BUT:
it dries out your lips extremly!!!! I dont know why a lip product for winter time doesn't give any moist to my lips, because this is simply ugly. My skin is super dry in winter and I even do masks, also for my lips. So a product, doesn't matter if it looks nice or not, have to give any moist. Otherwise my lips will die. :(
So all in all you HAVE TO use a moisturizer before, but  then the product cant stay as long as I said it do.

My conclusion to this product is I like it because of the pretty colour and the nice design. Ok, no problem I use a moisturzer by using it, butr because of this it would never be my most perfect lip product/tint. :(

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have any questions about it, just ask! ;) 

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