Friday, January 22, 2016

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint (#PK001, #RD301)

Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint (#PK001, #RD301)

by Rosalie

Hello my Lovelys,
seriously I love cosmetic ranges wich belongs to a season or something. Thats the reason why I ordered this Pudding Tint from Etude House wich came with the snowy dessert range. All products from this range looks so super cute! :3 I love it!!!

But at first let me say something about the product! ;)
The tint came in 5 colours:


PRICE: $10.40

VOLUME: 5.5g


I ordered these products from the Etude House Global Store.
Since it came out on christmas time they dont have all colours anymore. I dont know if they will get all colours again or other stores still have all colours.

I ordered the #PK001 Grapefruit Pudding and the #RD301 Strawberry Pudding
I didn't know that the pacaging will be sooooo amazingky cute but look, it came like a little cake in this v´cute paper box! <3333 plus it came with a spoon to get the product out.

The container is surprisingly out of glass. I thought it will be plastic, but no. I think this makes the productmore high quality somehow (only from the look). I like it but I hope it wouldn't brake if I let it fall down. :(
The cover is very thick plastic, the writing is in gold optic, I love it. especially from the #RD301 one I get this nice christmas feeling because of the red and the green, too.

But now let me show you how it looks like on my skin and lips:

I thought the colours wouldn't be very bright or very pigmented, but they are. Especially the red is very intensive (for a tint). As the name says you can apply it in different ways, like with high pigmentation ore with low. Applying it is very easy. I do it with my finger or with the spoon (only because of I think this spoon is super cute!!). haha!! So the colours are very beautiful.

The tint also have a nice scent: the strawberry one a sweet strawberry like and the grapefruit a herb and (of course) grapefruity like scent!^^

I also stand on for very long. Even after eating and drinking you dont loose the whole colour, so it is quite perfect BUT:
it dries out your lips extremly!!!! I dont know why a lip product for winter time doesn't give any moist to my lips, because this is simply ugly. My skin is super dry in winter and I even do masks, also for my lips. So a product, doesn't matter if it looks nice or not, have to give any moist. Otherwise my lips will die. :(
So all in all you HAVE TO use a moisturizer before, but  then the product cant stay as long as I said it do.

My conclusion to this product is I like it because of the pretty colour and the nice design. Ok, no problem I use a moisturzer by using it, butr because of this it would never be my most perfect lip product/tint. :(

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have any questions about it, just ask! ;) 

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  1. Always love Etude House's packaging! super cute hehehe