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Etude House "Zero Sebum Drying Powder"

Etude House "Zero Sebum Drying Powder"

by Violetta


This was one of the new products I was the most curious about. It says that it provides skin without dryness or flakiness.It belongs to the series "Zero Sebum" which should remove sebum from skin or provides the skin of sebum. For those who didn´t know, sebum is the reason why blackheads arise. So these products should reduce the sebum so there couldn´t arise any blackheads. Etude House used cotton as an effective medium in their products, to serve the cause. ;-) 

I bought this product on, which is the official global online store of Etude House.

image of the 3 products of the series



PRICE: 8,50 $

VOLUME: 38 g


  •  works really good for oily skin
  •  has a light smell of lemons, which gives you a clean feeling
  • the pad is really soft and takes on the powder really good
  • you don´t need much of the product and because of the interlayer with the holes, you don´t get to much on your pad
  • it also works for oily hair (stays for like 5 hours)
  • the skin feels very soft and smooth

  • for me it is really difficult to close the container, because the plastic is very stiff
  • I generally don´t like these sort of packaging, where the powder isn´t fixed, because there is an interlayer with little holes, where the powder comes out on the pad 
  • in seasons like summer, I had to renew it after 2 hours (in winter it works for about 5 hours)
  • in my case, the pad took on a bit of the bb cream I had on my face


I have to say, that this product is really helpfull for my sebum-blackhead-problem. If you are on the road and you have sebum on your face, you can´t clean your face and remove the make up. This product is a good opportunity to protect the skin of sebum, when you are not at home. It doesn´t remove the sebum, but it dryes it, so that it could not produce new blackheads in the pores. I am really happy with the price and how it works. The biggest problem I have with it is that I can´t close the box as smoothly as I should, because the plastic is very stiff. They should at least include a mirror in the packaging and something to unclasp it, because if I am not in a bathroom, I can´t see how I applyed the product. Now I have to hold a mirror, the container itself AND put on the powder AT ONCE, which could be much easyer if the made an other packaging. ...  

All in all I have to say, that if I don´t find a better product, I am going to repurchise this one. But actually it is quite full, because I don´t use it in winter as often as in summer. It is really great to combinate it with the Etude House "Sunprise must daily SPF 50+", which is my personal tip for the summer. 

Soon I am going to upload a review about this product, too. ;)

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