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Etude House "play 101 pencil" #1 #15 #27 part 1

Etude House "play 101 pencil"

 by Rosalie

Hello Lovelys,
today I wanted to write a review about the famous 101 pencils from Etude House. Seriously, the colour system is sooooooooo big. I think you can find each colour that you are looking for! It's amazing <33

For me it was difficoult to find the whole colour systeme but I think these pictures can give you a meaning of the colours :)


PRICE: $7.80



I ordered one pencil (#1) at the EtudeHouse Globalstore and the other two (#15, #27) pencils are a gift from a friend from China.

My friend brought a box where the pencils were inside of. It's sooo amazingly cute! <33 

Each pencil has a different consistency. I think that's because you can use them for different parts in your make up, especially the black one as basical (#1) eyeliner, the orange (#15) one for cheaks and lips and the pink (#27) one for your eyes as eyeshadow. So I tried these different things out and I hope you can see how they work:

#27 is a glittery pink tone. the consistency is like a normal eye liner, as #1 from the play 101 pencil line. So it is really easy to apply it. I tend to blend it out after apply it to give it a softer look. An interesting thing is that if you have the #27 on you eye it is really easy to apply the #1. I don't know how to descripe it, its like a nice foundation for my eyeliner to smoothly get on my eye. It also worked with other pencil liner very well. The colour stays very long, really for the whole day.

Until now I used the #15 for my lips and for my cheeks. It is more moist as #27 and #1, so it is nice for your lipmakeup. As eyeshadow it is a bit to moist for me. It goes on very well but it doesn't stay for the whole day on my lips. So if I really wanted to use it as lipstick-like product for a whole day I have to bring it with me and reapply it. I don't think that this is a big problem because the pencils are small and not heavy, but I like to use lipstick ore a liptint more than using this "eyeliner" for this.

All in all I really like this product. It is nice that each pencil can have a different consistency, depends on for wich part of your make up the colour is maching. But it also is a disadvantage, because of this I don't really want to use the #15 as eyeshadow or the #27 for my lips.
Applying it is very easy and the colours came out well.

  Here is my part 2 (also about the etude house "snowy dessert play 101 pencil"), where you can find some other pencils, the #07, #50, #73 and #75.

So I hope my review was helpful for you. If you have any questions ore something you want to know please just ask.
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braide bun by Etude House
bow shaped bun by Etude House

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