Friday, January 1, 2016

Tonymoly "Aquaporin Moisture Cream"


by Violetta


I bought this product as a 30 ml sample packaging, because the product is really expensive and I wanted to try it out. I don´t know where I bought it, but mine was for about 5 $ and the 40 ml one (which is the original one), was nearly 20 $, so I thought this is a good price for trying out this product.
Now you can buy it for over 60 $ on amazon, but I personaly think that is a bit to much, even if they´re not going to reproduce it anymore. I saw it on some korean cosmetic selling pages for around 15 - 17 $, but I haven´t tryed them out yet, so I can´t say if they´re shipping overseas or not.

This is a picture of the original packaging (including 40 ml)

This is a photo of the example packaging which I got (including 30 ml)

  •  dryes really fast
  • is not even a bit sticky, but you can feel how your skin is more moisturized
  • has a very light smell of lemons, which gives you a very clean feeling (but I think if you don´t like lemons, this product is nothing for you)
  • you don´t need much of the product to moisturize the whole face

  • the price of the 40 ml version is very high

the product has a white texture, which is not too creamy, but more a bit liquid like (but it doesn´t runs off your finger)

here you can see thart the product (30 ml version) is actually not for sale ...


I tryed this product for a long time now and I gave to say that it is really great. I have really oily skin and because it isn´t sticky and it dryes really fast, it is just perfect for my skin. I´m personally not going to repurchise it, because the original one (40 ml) for over 15 $ is just a bit to much for me as a poor student, but if you have the opportunity to get it for not to much money, or if you say 15 $ (if you find a place where they sell it that cheap) is not enough, because the product is actually really good, so it should have it´s price, then you actually should buy it. But I´m a person who always wants to try out new things (and in addition to that I can´t find it that cheap anymore), so I am not going to repurchise it.

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