Friday, April 1, 2016

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue #Strawberry Mojito

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue, #Strawberry Mojito

by Rosalie & Violetta


Hi everyone,
you know I am always excited to show you a Etude House product but I can't help it, this new Berry Delicious range is soooo cute and adorable.... simply berry delicious! <333 *___*

I got the "look at my eyes" eyeshadows from Etude House and I love them so much so I decided to get this palette, too!


PRICE: $16.80


I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store

This palette came out in two color shades. I got the #Strawberry Fondue and Violetta got the #Strawberry Mojito. She bought it after she saw how beautiful my palette is. ^^

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Mojito

Yep, there was a transparent plastic thing between the mirror and the product. The names of the single colors are written on it. The names are toooooo cute, I mean how can they name a color Berry Milk Chocolate?!? *__*

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Mojito

#Strawberry Mojito

For the everyday using I took the plastik thing away cause it was a bit nerve wrecking to take it everytime away and back again..., but still a cute idea. 

The palette came with a seperate sponge like brush. I don't used it yet cause I want it to stay clean as long as I could. But I like the idea to take it out in your make up back and apply it or reapply it where ever you want. The palette is smaller as I thaught, but this isn't to bad. Because of this it fits in every make up back easily, doesn't need much space and isn't to heavy. Beside this the mirror is as large as it can be in this packaging, so you really can see both of your eyes in the mirror at the same time wich is very usefull.

So all in all the packaging is super adorable but praktical, too. I think if I go traveling somewhere I will definetly take it with me.

Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue

They are not as pigmented as the "look at my eyes" eyeshadows, wich made me a bit sad at the begin, but now I got used to it, cause they really are enough pigmented! But simply not as much as the look at my eyes eyeshadows. But I think they are easy to handle in this pigmentation so this isn't a bad thing! ;)

From light and natural colors to dark and glittery colors you got all you need for many looks in this palette.

nude colors: #Hazelnut Chocolate, #Berry Milk Chocolate
shimery colors: #Cheese Berry, #Dip! Dip!
glittery colors: #Sugary Butter, #Fresh Strawberry

First I love all the colors!! <3 You can create a really nice pinky look but also a nice natural eye look, I simply love it! :3 I have no color in this palet wich I don't use from time to time. The nude colors match so well together but the brown colors mach together, too. All colors are warm tones, so yeah, I think you can combine all colors in this palette nicely together to create sweet looks.

Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Mojito


I personally think that the colours in this palette are a bit bad balanced. There are only two mat colours and the other four are glittery / shimmery. The problem with this fact is, that the most glittery colours are really less colour pigmented and are more like a coloured glitter. But that must not be anything bad. It´s just something you should know when you think about which one of these you want to buy.

I´m personally really happy with the colours. They´re not soooo much pigmented, but you can work good with them. They´re easy to apply and really smooth. I just like the colour shades in the palette. I heared from a view people, that they were really curious about the green glittery shade. Well, I didn´t ever thought that it would be that intense in colour, but I also didn´t wanted it to be. So I can only say that I´m really happy with that certain shade.

I also love to use the shade #Mojito Party! for my eye brows. The glittery effect in it is not really vissable. The #Soda Water is good for a base of for highlighting, or for the aegyo cell. But I use the shades #Spearmint and #Crushed Strawberry for the aegyo cell, or for the middle area on my upper lid. The shades #Berry Brown Sugar and #Mojito Party! are great for the outher parts of the lid, or for all over the lid. You can make a great smokey eye effect with these two shades. #Lime & Berry Squeeze is perfect for the base or for a little but of pink colour, if you want just ab small touch of colour.

So if you are looking for really intense colours and not to much glittery colours, this palette might be nothing for you. you would like the #Strawberry Fondue one much more! But if you are looking for a palette with a soft pigmentation and much glittery shades, this one is the right for you! I just love my palette, but I know Rosalie loves hers the same as I do. So it´s quite difficult to choose because they´re so differently.

If you forgot your brush or want to apply the color more softly the colorplaces are exactly as big as my fingertip, so its easy to us ethe palette like this, too. 

So all in all if you are searching for a nice palette in warm tones this product definetly makes you happy! Both palettes are really nice, but it could really be that you might preffer one of them.
Etude House really makes it praktically for a every day use and for a take away, too. Thank you Etude House for such a nice product! *__*

I hope this review was helpful for you. Please leaf a comment and tell us what you think about this Berry Delicious range. I think I will buy some other products in a while, too!
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AAAAAnd I hope you read until the end! harhar. Cause Violetta and me we plan to go to the B.A.P. Life On Earth Concert in Düsseldorf and we got the Idea to show you how the planning is going and yeah, wich make up we take with us, how we do our make up for a event where we surely will cry (haha), yeah. We will write some posts about it soon, but now we are really excited about it! <33 You can tell us if you want to see the concert, too!<3 May in a different country?? Im very interested in this so please leaf a comment if you go to the concert, too!


  1. If you do makeup for the bap concert, make sure to use a makeup setting spray. We were at the other bap concert in Australia, and none of our makeup was left after. And I'm definitely going to get that eyeshadow palette, I love the colours.

    1. OMG!!!!!!!!! aww well you dont take my nervousness away haha! :D BAP fighting!!
      I really hope I am still alive after this show! But thank you for this tip I will try my best for the make up! ;) (In the end maybe I simply go without any make up cause I cant look like a zombie after)?!? haha

      Yes I really love this palette! hope you will like it as much as I do! <3

    2. lol, tell me about it. I was gonna go with some friends to an after party with bap, but we all looked like something out of the walking dead, and we didn't want to scare bap, so we didn't end up going.

    3. Here is our post about the contert and it was just lke heaven! ^^ I still can´t believe that it was real.^^

  2. i have ordered strawberry mojito because of "spearmint" but you are right with less pigment and more glitter. a little disappointment although i like whole palette anyway :)

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yea, the thing with "spearmint" is a thing you need to know before you buy it, since it´s difficult to see the colours of eyeshadows just online in generall. But I´m happy that (beside that) you like the palette, too.