Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vegan Make Up Remover - Coconut Oil

Vegan Make Up Remover - Coconut Oil

by Rosalie 

Hi everyone,
today I want to share with you a really amazing natural beauty product you can find in every drugstore: COCONUT OIL.

Long time ago I dont know about this wonder product. After watching a video from Wengie I was inspired to try it by myself. Maybe you can find some other interesting things in this video you want to try, too! ;)

I was a bit restrained at the first time but after talking with my sister about this beauty hack we both know that we want to try this out! <33

So in the drugstore we asked for coconut oil, just the normal one wich you also use to cook with. The price was around 3-4 €, so its really affordable.

Make shure if you buy it you buy the one that's nativ, wich means the coconut plant is able to regenerate itself. Its really nice for the nature, good for your skin and good for your purse.


For using thiy product you only have to put something out of the bottle on your dry face. Than you have to massage it in your face and remove it with a toner pad to remove the oil.

 At the begin I thought this only helps a bit but after my test I was like shocked how nice this oil removes make up:

Beside removing your make up the oil spend really much moisture to your skin. Sometimes after removing the oil there is some oilyness left, so I only use it before washing my hair cause I have oily hair. But anyway, the moisturizing is super nice. Sometimes I feel after my shower like my skin is super dry but with using the coconut oil my skin feels nicely moisturized and soft.

I only can recommend this beauty hack to you, we both really love it. There are so many positive aspects, no animal tests, vegan, nice for nature, I think this really can be a possibility for people who want to look after these things but love cosmetic, too! :D

If you know other hacks how to use natural products for your beauty please feel free to share them with us and I would love to try them out! ;)

If you still have questions please ask me.
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