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B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary #1

B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary


by Rosalie 


Hi everyone,
now this is the first part of our concert diary for the B.A.P. LOE 2016. We both are really excited that we have the possibillity to see B.A.P. live! OMG I COULD SCREAAAM! <3

(Diary #2(preparations), #3(the concert!!!))
This is our first live Kpop concert so we are really nervous. To get over the nervousness we decided to start this Blogserie, where we want to post how we prepare and things we are serious about.

So at first I want to tell you about how strange it was to get the tickets.

I found this page on facebook ( where all the news about the concert where showen. Where we can buy the tickets, how much they will cost...

 The tickets are so expensive!!! OMG!!!!! But for BAP.. I mean... yeah..... still expencive but me and my sister we wanted to see them really from near. So for us the VIP tickets for 129€ were affordable.

We have some friends wich wanted to go to the concert, too. I think there were like 6-7 girls who said they may come, too, wich makes me really happy cause the more people the more fun!
But in the end all girls said that this price is to much and so me and my sister we were the only two who wanted to go.
I had only one friend who said she want to go, too if we will buy the tickets for 89€, but thats difficoult cause we want to stay together in one price category and me and violetta we wanted to stay more in the front.

So we said we buy the tickets and we will see if we can get these VIP tickets ore if they are selled out. If they are selled out we want to buy the normal one together that we tree girls can go together.

It was a monday where they said they will sell the tickets at 3:00 pm. Violetta and me we had free time so we easily prepared everything since 2:00 pm that we definetly will get our tickets.

It was 3:00pm, we get into a waiting loop. 3:03 pm, we were at the point where we can decide wich tickets we wanted to but...... ALL VIP TICKETS WERE SELLED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we hurried to get our 3 normal tickets, payed and yeah, we were shocked.
All was gone... all was gone??? It was a nightmare but still we are happy that we have tickets to see BAP but i never have thought about this strange scenario.

I also wanted to buy a signet album, wich costs 30€, I putted it into my shopping cart, than my sister sais she also want one (cause with an album you get the chance to win a ticket for the high five event), I go back to put 2 albums in my cart and than the webside said all albums are selled out!!!!!!! AGAIIIIN!!!!! I nearly cried, cause only because of this I cant get my album, and I seriously just want it because of the autograph!! I uploaded the webside a few times and than the album was back! OMG!!! I putted it into my shopping card and YES!!! I got it! jippiiiii! <33

This was so chaotic, I don't know! haha

After this adventure all girls went on facebook and there were many posts on this site that for the E-tickets (yes E-tickets, we print these tickets by our own) we all payed shipping costs. We where like, ok,....... WHY???? Shipping costs and nothing will be shipped cause I print the tickets at home??? bad joke, but we also payed the shipping costs,..... 46€!!!!!!!!!!!! (for nothing to ship)

after a few hours the site excused to everybody, they wanted to give these shipping costs back to everyone who have payed it. But after filling out the formular I am waiting since 2 weeks to get it back, dont get it yet. I hope we will get it soon.


ok, but I am really happy that we get tickets and that we can get to see BAP live.

Me and my sister we bought a light stick on Ebay, cause we want to cheer the group up! <33333
Here you can find where we bought it, but we are still waiting for them to arrive:

(UPDATE: the light sticks never arrived!!! 2 weeks before the concert they still hasn't arrived so we wrote to the seller where the product be, because it has to arrive since 1 month!!!!! They aid there were probloems with shipping so they got the light sticks back... so.... WHY DON'T THEY TELL US THIS??????? We got our money back after this conversation but still hasn't any light stick! :( But on facebook there are some pages where you can buy used kpop stuff, and we asked if someone will sell us one. And finally after half an hour we had some babys who wanted to help us out! It was so amazing!!! Kpop Fangirls are still the bets! love you all!!!! <33333 thank you for always helping each others!)

I am really interested if you also go to one of the Life on Earth concerts. If you do please share your experiences with me, I am really curious!!! <33
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