Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk"

Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk"

 by Rosalie

Today I want to review the Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk". I really love the idea to have products, wich looks like food! haha
So I was interested in this banana hand cream, too. I know that there are also two other apples, one tomato and a secound banana in this line!^^ (Really makes me hungry!!!)



PRICE: $7.20

VOLUME: 45ml


I bought this product from
But this shop gave the opinion to buy two bananas for a better price ( $11.70 for two, this makes $5.85 for one.).
I don't know the product before, so I orderet together with my mom! :) 

The description of the product says, that this is perfectly for rought and dry hands to moisturize them well. This was one reason for me to buy it, because I have very dry hands (especialy in the winter...).

 The pakaging is the most striking thing on the product. It really looks like a little banana. I think this is so amazing!!!!!
To get the product out, you have to press (a BIT stronger) on the upper part of the banana and then the hand cream came out.

The name of the product is "Hand Milk" but the texture is more thick. (I think like a normal hand cream).
The scent of it is like banana milk (Like the banana milk I drank as a child!) and it is very strong. But after applying it, the strong scent goes away to a nice light scent of the banana milk, so it is a nice thing if you like this scent at the firts but don't want to smell it so strong all the time.

The moisturizing effect is really great. I think from all hand creams that I own, I would prefer this one!!!
It really gives much moisture to my hands and it holds on for a very long time.

Sometimes, I apply the product before I go to bed (If my hands are super dry) and in the next morning my hands are so amazingly soft. I yust love it! So if you have similar problems with your hands I think this product can make you happy with it's nice texture, smell and nice design! <3

I hope this review was helpful for you and you enjoyed it. If you have some questions about the product please feel free to write a comment!

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  1. I have sweaty hands but a bit rough too. I bought despite I don't like to hand creams cuz they get sweaty very often. But I recomend it. It's not to creamy and it's easy to the skin absorb all the product, so there's no problem.