Thursday, April 2, 2015

Etude House "Nail Remover #1 Mild"

Etude House "Nail Remover #1 Mild"

by Rosalie

Hello Ladys! :)

Today I want to give you a review about this nail polish remover from Etude House. I simply bought this, because I've got some nail polishes from them and I thought that there are amazing! (I also have reviews about the nail polishes, please read them if you are interested: Play Nail normal colours , Play Nail glittery ) So I was hopefull that the nail polish remover from Etude House is amazing, too.



PRICE: $1.50

VOLUME: 100ml


I get this product from the Etude House Global Store (

The design of the bottle is as cute as always. (The designs from Etude House are always so cute! <3) I mean, there is a little drawing of a smiling nail on it! :D
As you can see on the pictures I've already used a lot from the product. Opening the bottle is easy if you know how: you have to press the cap down and then open it up. I think this is nice if you have children or little brothers and sisters to know that this bottle is save! ;)
When I normally snif into the bottle (UPS! don't try it at home! haha), you just can realize the normal smell of nail polish remover. But if you use the product, the scent change into a very nice and flowery smell. Yay, I love this smell!^^ I just hate it when my nail polish remover just smells like aceton or alcohol or something chemical. This also makes you feel very clean and relaxed!

The remover also removes the nail polish very good from my nails. After using there is no nail polish on my nails at all.

I think this nail polish is ways better than the german nail polish removers!!!!! seriously, they all smells sooooo badly. I also tryed to remove Etude House nail polish with a german remover, but it was so hard to remove just a bit. I have to rubb hard and there was still some polish. I also tried to remove my german nail polish with the Etude House Remover and it still works with the german nail polish very good.
I also think after using it, that my nails aren't so dry like after other removers, so it is a really nice product if you have problems with it, too! ;)

II hope this review was helpful for you!
If you have any questions about the product wich the review wasn't about, please feel free to write me a comment! ;)
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