Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Etude House "Face Conditioning Fixer"

Etude House "Face Conditioning Fixer"

by Rosalie

Hey my Lovelies,
at first I want to write about our new blogdesign. We decidet to make a new colour maching for summer wich is more fresh and relaxing. What do you think about it?? :)

For summer times a nice thing is using face mist. In Germany it isn't normally to use face mist, or should I say we don't have some mists to buy in the drugstores or anywhere. We have products like face whater, toner or something like this but you couldn't find face mist anywhere...

I got this product as a gift by ordering as a 20ml bottle, so it is quite a bit but I think it is enough to test it and decide if it is nice or not. As I say for me it was my first expressions with face mist.

You can use this face mist in different steps of your make up: before or during your make up for a bether application or after applying make up for make up fixing. The consistency is liquidy and the colour (if I can say colour to this) is like whater.
Spraying this face mist over my face is very easy. It's fast and I like how it smells. It smells a bit flowery but also sweet and yust nice. I love the smell. :3 Using this face mist is like applying parfum at your face. <3

It moisturize your face very well if you use it before applying your make up, but I couldn't say if it really fix my make up that it can stay longer. But all in all this product is very sweet and I love to use it. It also gives me more interest in different face mist products, so I think I am going to buy other face mists to try them out, too.  
If you use nice face mists that you recommend to buy please let me know I am really interested in it!!!!!!<333 

In the end I would buy the full siced product but I don't find a shop where I can order it. If you know where I can order it please let me know! ;)
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