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Etude House "Every Month Cleansig Foam"

Etude House "Every Month Cleansing Foam"

by Violetta 



This was the first cleansing foam that I´ve ever tryed and now, after trying some other ones, I think I can give you a good review about this product.This one is a very good cleansing foam for cleaning the face from daily make up and dust. I´ve got three of the 12 ones (No. 5 Green Tea, No. 6 Tea Tree and No. 7 Aloe).

                                                                BRAND: ETUDE HOUSE

                                     PRODUCT NAME: EVERY MONTH CLEANSING FOAM

                                                                        PRICE: 4.60 $

                                                                    VOLUME: 100 ml

                                                TYPE OF PRODUCT: CLEANSING FOAM

I´ve ordered this product on

Etude House tryed to develop some cleansing foams, from which you can choose for every month. They tryed to make a fitting cleansing foam for each month´s problems you may have but if you want to buy one for a certain problem you have the whole year, it is also okay, because their idea was only to help you with your problems that are very typical for these seasons.

In my opinion, you don´t use the whole product for only one month and because you don´t want to wain a whole year, till you can use it again, I think these borders are only a recommendation.

The design of each one is different but very cute and colourfull, matching to their ingredients.

I think that each of these products I´ve tryed are very effective (but I´ve also seen some that are a bit more effective). Beside he price, whch is a very nice one for young people, these products do a very good job, but I´ll show you in some pictures.

here you can see the different textures
No. 6 foamed
No. 7 on the face

result of the test cleansing with No. 7

After all I have to say that I really love these products. For a good result you don´t need much of the product. As you can see each of them has an other texture. Each of them base on some natural ingredients and they also have a different natural smell. I like the smell of No. 7 the most, but I think for my skin, which is a bit oily and has pimples, No. 6 has the best effect on my skin. I could recommend all numbers I´ve tested and I am sure the others are as good as well, but I´ll also want to try them all one day. I think if you have more than one problem with your skin, you can choose nearly each of them.

Please write a comment if you also tryed these products or some others of these collection, or if you have another opinion of these products. I am also interested in which cleansing foams you use and how they are. Thank you for reading. :3 

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