Saturday, June 9, 2018

GOT7 EYES ON YOU Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary

GOT7  EYES ON YOU Concert 2018 in Berlin - concert diary

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
I thought is was impossible for us but we finally get 2 Tickets for the Got7 Eyes on You concert in Berlin.  A week before the concert a nice Austrian Family had 2 tickets left and they asked us if we wanted them. To be honest because I was so sad about not getting the tickets at first that I nearly forget about the date of the concert. Also there was the ticket salling for the BTS concert and again we couldn't get a single ticket we were super frustrated. 

(What about you, did you get some BTS tickets? let me know in the comments, also if you have tickets to sell you can write me a message.)

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So we get the tickets one day before the concert and we managed to drive to Berlin the next day. We needed nearly 5 hours to arrive. I didn't knew the hall before the concert and as we arrived an saw the hall we were really shocked about the architecture. The place was covered with grass and some small trees, in the middle of the place there was a hole in the middle of the place and down the hole there was the roof or something like this which you can see. But all in all it really looked flat and strange. I haven't ever seen a building like this.
Door opening was planned at 6 pm and it started slowly. We were at 7 pm in the hall but after us there were many other fans to arrive, so I guess until every fan was in the hall it took nearly 2 hours, and the concert started at 8 pm.

Velodrom from the outside

Since we got C category tickets (seated places) we didn't need to hurry to get good places, because from the begin on we had our places. This was the first concert for us where we had seated places and I think in the beginning it is really strange. It is really different to standing tickets. With standing tickets you worry if you will get the best possible places and need to line up the whole day and stuff. But with seated places it is more relaxed, but I also think that there is a bigger party going on in the standing area. I personally love to sing and dance to the concert spirit, in seated place it is more like chilled and yeah, we really often sit down in the concert process. For me this was so strange. I wanted to stay the whole concert, but everyone started to sit down for every single video they played, I mean... WHY??? If you can explain me why you guys do that please feel free to write me. I really don't understand this.
We searched for our places and still had some time to look around in the hall. I think inside the hall looks really nice, so much better than from the outside. There were some eating shops and a bar so everyone who needs something could get it there. We also found the merchandise shop, they sold concert shirts and we both get each one. <3

Velodrom from the inside, before the concert started
Violetta and me before the concert <3

The concert started and all fans started to scream. I really love kpop concerts, they are so special. The show started with a short movie and after the members performed "Hard Carry". They really tried to show the full performance of the song, or for remix songs they also showed really amazing dances. The members looked so amazingly beautiful. The hair was perfectly styled and the clothes were so fashion like. I love this fashion side of kpop. They had lots of speeches with the fans, they also tried to speak a lot of German, I was impressed. (and please Jackson, I wanna hug you, too!!!)

Also Yongjae really surprised me with his beautiful and powerful live voice. I didn't realized how beautiful his voice is I mean do you know how it feel like you think you know his voice from the cd but no!!! You knew nothing!!!

And my favourite solo performance was the one from Yugyeom and Jackson but hell Jackson you are so small beside Yugyeom lol. And also Mark and BamBam are so thin, really! Jaeboum is like the doubble of Mark. I am kind of worried because of this but I guess we cant do anything against it. But please, guys, eat enough. Just do it for all the IGot7's, ok?

Also they performed lots of new songs but also old songs like girls, girls, girls. AND: Jackson did the body flip. OMO everyone got crazy about this! <3

It was so pretty and colorfull. And there was a nice green ocean in the show thanks to all fans.

 Also Jackson, BamBam and Mark talked a lot in english to us. I think it is easier if the members can communicate directly with the fans and don't need a translator. Also: everything was translated in German, for me no problem but I guess for people who don't came from Germany this was a bit difficult. There were Sweden, Italian and Spain fans there as well. Also I don't know if the younger German fans can understand English well enough to understand everything. This is a difficult part. 

All in all this concert was a really nice experience for me and if Got7 will come back to Germany I will try to get some tickets. But I hope they will have a bigger hall the next time so that more fans can get to see the show.  What do you think about the concert, do you had fun? ;)

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