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ETUDE HOUSE Happy New Year Collection 2017

ETUDE HOUSE Happy New Year Collection 2017

by Violetta

New Year New Luck!

Hey Loveliez,
I´m so happy to see you again in 2017. As you might now, 2017 is the chinese rooster year. To celebrate it, ETUDE HOUSE did a new year collection this year again. So this time they´re featuring ... well, I would call it more a chicken than a rooster, but you should know what I mean. :D

ETUDE HOUSE send us these products in cooperation with the Pink Bird membership.

For this, they redesigned and reinvented one of their most famous lip product, the "Color In Liquid Lips", and one of their most famous eye products, the "Look At My Eyes".

Here you can find some more informations about this NEW YEAR COLLECTION.

GIVE ME LUCK Color In Liquid Lips JUICY"

The design is so cute. I really like the color gradient, but I think it´s only printed on the bottle, because I can´t see anythink of the yellow inside. But anyways, it just looks super cute. ^^

First, let´s start with the lip product. Here we have a redesigned "Color In Liquid Lips" collection with 5 brand new shades. As you might know, beside the "normal" "Color in Liquid Lips", ETUDE HOUSE also came up with some redesigns and new colours for this collection like the "BERRY DELICIOUS Color In Liquid Lips". I´m personally really in love with all of them, but I really encourage you to check them out, too.

But to come back to these ones, here are some informations about the product:


PRICE: $ 12.40

VOLUME: 3,5 g

TYPE OF PRODUCT: liquid lipstick

here you can get it from the official global ETUDE HOUSE online store:

In the picture above, you can see a swatch of the color #OR212. As the name of it says, it has a really fruity and grape like smell. I really like it. The pigmentation itselfe also remembers me of a grapey juice, because it is not so intense pigmented, more like a gloss, but not even a bit as sticky as one. It gives your lips a really natural color. And I really like the texture.

They should not only give your lips some color, but also moisturize them. I think they really do, but the moisturizing effect is not so much more comparred to the BERRY DELICIOUS ones.

The applicator looks really alike to the "BERRY DELICIOUS Color In Liquid Lips", but I personally preffered the "normal" one a bit more. Nevertheless, this applicator is also really great to apply the product, but to be honest, since this product isn´t the most pigmented one, it is really easy in general to apply it. ;-)

ALL IN ALL I really like all of the "Color In Liquid Lips" products in general, but I think the price from the online store is a bit high. These really remember me of the BERRY DELICIOUS ones, not only because of the applicator, but also because of the smell, the texture and the pigmenation. But I really like them. For me, it´s like they added some new colors to the BERRY DELICIOUS collection, but that should not be a big problem, since they´re so nice. So I can really encourage you to try them out if you can, because they´re so cute.

"GIVE ME LUCK Look At My Eyes"

Also, the design is really cute. But if you ask, I can´t tell why some of the containers are yellow and some are white. I just think that the color should simbolize the egg white and yellow, but why which color is yellow or white, I really don´t know. :)

Here are some informations:


PRICE: $ 5.20


TYPE OF PRODUCT: eyeshadow

Here you can get them on the official ETUDE HOUSE global online store:

You can get these eyeshadows in 10 different shades. Some of them are more glittery/shimmery, some are mat, but the pigmentation is always really well.

ETUDE HOUSE send us 4 different colors, which match each other really well. But since all the colours from this collection are really warm toned and in brown/grey/plum/red/pink shades, they all match really well.

As you can see, the colors are really intense and highly pigmented. They´re really well blendable and all colours are so nice to combinate. But I also like to use them as single shadows, means only one color on my eyes.

If you are interested, click HERE to get to our review about the ETUDE HOUSE "Look At My Eyes" collections, to know more about this whole eyeshadow collection. ^^

So ALL IN ALL I really love these eyeshadows, each color the same and I can only recommend them. The price is ok, since the colors and the pigmentation is so great. So if you are interested, I really recommend them. :)

Thank you for reading. I hope you find this post interesting. Please leave a comment if you have any question about one of the products, or if you want to tell us your opinion. We always love to hear from you. :-)

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