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hwarang - new episodes + "waiting and crying makes more fun together!"

hwarang - new episodes +

"waiting and crying makes more fun together!"

by Rosalie 


 +++spoiler alarm+++


Hi everyone,

a few weeks has passen away since my last post about the kdrama "hwarang - the beginning"
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and I hope you are still fired af waiting for new episodes from this drama! <33333

I think waiting is the hardest. Especially for the people who can't understand korean (me) but still wanna watch the new episode on the first day. I found myself watching episodes and episodes without subs, my laptop (old maschine...) cracking by the beautyfull men and yeah... just the dramatic ending of each episode.

Anyway, I wanna talk with you about the latest things that happened in the story and really want to hear your opinion!!

Things are goint to be really interesting for everyone. The hwarang member got closer but still there isn't pure friendship between them. Ji Dwi kissed Ah Ro, so he really tried to get closer to her. But still I think she isn't that much interested in him... I mean she thinks that he simply is a pervert.

Ji Dwi kissing Ah Ro

She is loving ("fake") Sun Woo, but is complicated about her feelings since she isn't allowed to love him cause they are siblings. But now she found out that he can't be her brother, they fought much but after Sun Woo having an accident by riding a horse she tells him her feelings and (surprise surprise...) he kissed her.

Sun Woo kissing Ah Ro
(I am feeling like I am only posting kissing pictures! lol)

Beside this crazy triangle love story there is Soo Ho's sister. She is beginning to be in love with Ban Ryu, the enemy of her brother.

Soo Ho talking with his sister about Ban Ryu, his enemy.

But Ban Ryu himself has problems within his family. His (adopt) father want him to sabotage hwarang and become the new king of silla, wich means he is the instrument for the people who are against the queen and the royal family. But at this point of the story I think Ban Ryu don't really wants to become the king and stuff...

Plus I think he really likes Soo Ho's sister but right now it's impossible for both to be together (because her family is pro royal family).

So now we become a bit closer to all that politic stuff the drama is about.

The king decided to be in hwarang (as we all may know) but he lost his bracelet to Sun Woo in a fight in episode 2. Sun Woo don't know the owner of the bracelet but he knows that the owner of the bracelet is who killed his friend, the real Sun Woo. So he decided to kill this person as a revenge. He is wearing the bracelet to always remind that.

The bracelet of the king, found by a stranger...

But suddenly he lost the bracelt, the symbol of the king. (Somehow everyone knows that this is the kings symbol except of Sun Woo...) and was found by a boy who works for the "contra queen" people.

Before that happened, Ah Ro got kidnapped by the queen because she found out that Ji Dwi is the king and now she wants to kill Ah Ro.

But Ji Dwi was able to save her and now he is sharring this secret with the girl he is in love with.

After a few days there was this big poster in the hwarang house, saying that the king is in hwarang house.
A scroll that was found in the hwarang house

So right now everyone is thinking how may be the king. Sun Woo found the symbol on this writing, wich is the same as on the bracelet. That's why he now knows that the killer of his friend must be the king.

Because Sun Woo came new into the capital and Ji Dwi came from the west, these both are the ony ones who may be the king, that's what everyone is thinking. But they came to the conclusion that Sun Woo must be the king and now everyone is thinking this.

Now everyone think that Sun Woo is the king

After a while the teacher found out that Ji Dwi must be the king and told him, but I personally think that he wouldn't tell anyone about it cause he knows what this will mean for him. There are so many killers out there who wants to kill the king and if the king will be death the queen never get away from the throne, or the people who are against her are getting the throne.

More and more people find out who really is the king.

Ji Dwi told Son Woo that he is his very first friend in his life but still he can't say that he is the king!!!
His only frind wants to kill him so he can't tell him his biggest secret.
But Sun Woo now is thinking that Ji Dwi is the king! OMG!!!
And the 12th episode ended with Sun Woo holding the sword on Ji Dwis neck... I might die here as well! How can they end the episode like this???

And there is so much time between now and the next episode, I hope everything will go well.
(All fangirls out there, we have to be strong... TOGETHER!!!)

Sun Woo asking Ji Dwi if he is the king (in a really kind way... :D )

This is it about the story that far. What do you think?? Should Sun Woo kill the king? Is he really the one who killed his friend?

Which parring are you shipping the most? Ah Ro with Ji Dwi or with Sun Woo?

I personally think that they should stay as siblings and Ji Dwi should become her boyfriend (or however I can call it in that time...), because I think he is more carrying about her. And he is in love with her for such a long time and he don't even has a family. She can be his family, the only family that is possible for him.

And what do you think about the relationship between Ban ryu and the sister of Soo Ho?

If you want to hype this drama as I do please feel free to do it! <3 haha!!!!

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