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"Hwarang - The Beginning" K-Drama Review

"Hwarang - The Beginning"

K-Drama Review

by Rosalie

Hi my Lovelies,
today I want to write about a K-Drama I am watching currently.
I have the feeling like I simply HAVE TO write about this since it makes me crazy that this is an "ongoing" drama and I am already done with watching all episodes that were released so far! :D

I normally watch older dramas just because there are all episodes already released and if I am in the mood to watch the whole weekend just this drama I am able to harhar! But this time it's different.

I heared that Taehyung (V of BTS) has played in a drama, his first job as an actor. So I decided that I want to watch the drama anyway, but after seeing that Minho (from SHINee) playes in this drama as well I cant help but start to watch this right away! :D

The drama playes around 1000 years ago in Korea. (I love how all the people are dressed in this drama! <333 well done!) 

To make it simple about the story: There are 3 kingdoms and the story is about is the weakest kingdom of them. The king suddenly died and the queen with the young king was left all alone. Now the queen got the role of the head of the kingdom and the young king was gone to nowhere. Now he is back after many years and want to beat his mother. The queen doesn't want him to be the king right away and decided that he need's some kind of army or knights (to beat him up? or to let him stay save?`We don't know at this point...), they want to build the "hwarang"!

On the other side there is this young man Moo Myung (we don't really know much about his past) he comes with his friend to the city to search for the friends family. Due an accident his friend saw the kings face and a knight killed him because of this. Moo Myung found his friends father right after his friend died. They decided to tell everybody that Moo Myung is the lost son, but he want's to get revenge for his dead friend. So it happened what have to happened, he got caught by trying to get the revenge and now he needs to do whatever the queen tell him to keep the family of his friend save. So he ended up to be a hwarang.

The king doesn't let his mother do whatever she want's so he also managed to be a hwarang. And with that the story really can begin, because there is also this one sided lovestory from the king to the sister of the friend of Moo Myung... and all that K-Drama stuff! :D

(hm... I think it's really hard to descripe the story in short and easy words, sorry for that! :D)

The story really is good, right after watching one episode (one hour long) I wanted to continue!! :D <33

The release date of the drama is from decembre 19. 2016 to feburary 21. 2017.
New episodes will be aired on monday and tuesday 22:00 kst at KBS2. (For english subbed episodes of course we have to wait longer... 😑 )

The catching thing here is that all actors really are beautifull. OMG!!! I really can't stand this! :D

main actors

I am so impressed of how beautiful the King looks! I fell in love with his character sooooo much!  <3
I mean, how can a man look more beautiful with long hair than I do! :D They should always have this hair style! <333 

King spam #1 - I really mean HOW can a man look so perfect?! HOW???

King spam #2 - please your highness, sleep on my shoulder as well! 😍

King spam #3 (OMO He really knows how to catch my heart!<333)

Haha!! 💓💓💓 
(sry for that!!)
But he is so nice and has a pretty interesting background story. He is soooo arrogant but somehow handsome with beeing like this! *__*

 I definitely want to continue watching this drama, I hope that the story will go on as well as it started! <3
Because on one side you have this stiff but somehow adorable K-Drama humor but on the other side I think the drama is really bloody, too! :D
I mean there is a boy, slapped easily and then his face is all bloody! o.O
(I don't want my king to be hurt! I DONT WANT THAAAAAT!!!)
Right after watching 6 episodes I am a bit sad that Taehyung has a smaller role but anyway he is adorable! FIGHTING TAEHYUNG!!! <33

If you are searching for a nice new drama to watch, this is definitely one I can recommend, but it is troublesome if you hate ongoing dramas and waiting for the next episode as I do! :D

And beside that, Jin and V (BTS) joined in the OST for this drama, really cool if you ask me because after "WINGS" I am in love with Jin's voice. (I loved V's voice anyway!<3)

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you watch this drama, too, please let me know who is your favorite character?! Or do you have some nice other K-Dramas to recommend??

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