Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Etude House "Baby Choux Base - Mint"

Etude House "Baby Choux Base - Mint"

 by Rosalie

Hello my lovelies,
I am so happy to write this review, because this product is one of the best products I've tried in the last time!^^
I was basically searching for a nice foundation/primer and during my surfing on the Etude House Global page I foudt this product and I decided to give it a try.



PRICE: $11.00



I ordered this product from the Etude House Global Store www.etudehouse.com
The first important thing about it is, that in the begin when this product came out it has a different packaging:

It came out with the sweet recipe line (wich is simply adorable!!!!!!!!!! If you are interested in this line you may also want to read my review about the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick , wich is my most loved lip product!)

The product came out in 3 different shades. At first I wanted to try the yellow or the pink one, because I couldn't imagine that I am able to like a green base. I thought that my face will yust look green! :D but after much researches I found out that this base fits perfectl to my skin tone and so I give the mint one a try.

I like the packaging because it is simple and easy to use. I also drive a lot around, so I always need make up wich is good for much transportation, so it is usefull for me!^^

When I firstly tried the product out I was yust overwhelmed from the scent because it is so nice. But I also think it is hard to descripe: it's like flowers, but sweet (sweet flowers?? :D ), fresh and also clear. Sorry for being so undiscret, but you have to smelled it by yourself to really understand what I mean. But if you have tried any Etude House products you will know that they all smells very nicely and lovely! <3

To show you how the product looks like, it is really green. and even on the skin it is green but I think it turns in a more white like base or something like that. I think the green helps to get the reddishness in your face away, to look more bright and also to look pale, but I think in a positive way.
For me it is easy to apply. I apply it with my hands some thimes but I also have used a cushion pad for applying it.
It stays very long and it doesn't give a oily like finish. I yust love it! <33333
The only bad thing about it is that I think it is really expencive for only 35g and it doesn't really coveres up my pimples. But I think it isn't a BB Cream or something it is a Base. I love to wear it as a daily make up. I think this is enough for a light and natural looking make up.
I have to say that I prefer this one to the Precious BB Cream line from Etude House. If I have the choice I would choose this baby choux base as my favourite.

Really guys, if you are thinking about to buy this product I think you should do it and give it a try. I love this product and even my sister says that she want to try green foundations now! haha

So I hope this review was helpfull for you and when you still have this product that you love it like I do! <33
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  1. Thank you for this review, I was thinking about ordering this product and now I think I really will :3

    1. Yes, I just reordered this product in the same colour, because it is just the best! ^^

  2. Does it function as a primer? like covering up pores?

  3. Does it function as a primer? like covering up pores?

    1. Thx for asking. :3
      It doesn´t cover pimpels. It makes the skin look lighter and brighter, but it is not covering pores. only like if you have red areas in your face (like me I´m always red around my nose and cheeks), that covers it. But actually I really like using it on days when I don´t want to put on so much make up (then I don´t use a bb cream), but also want to ... well ... look like a princess ^^

  4. hello. Thank you for this review. I would like ask you something. I'm Latina, tanned skin and I would like use a baby choux base but I don't know which one is better for me. Can you help me?

    1. Hi.
      Just after using one shade it's kind of hard for me to say the correct tone to you! :D sry!! <3
      But: for this product it's really important that you should know what you want to achiev, for example: I have in general some red parts on my skin and I want to cover them. That's why I have choosen the mint color.

      mint: reduce red parts in your face
      pink: against pale skin to let it look more livelier
      orange: makes your skin a bit lighter

      I think for you maybe the orange one can work. But you should choose it yourself.

      maybe this test helps you: https://scheidiary.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/23-etude-house-magic-any-cushion-guide.jpg

      (I know this is for the magic any cushion but the colors/shades are the same ...)

      I hope this will help you! <33