Saturday, June 13, 2015

Etude House "Wonder Pore Whipping Foam"

Etude House "Wonder Pore Whipping Foam"

 by Rosalie

Hello my lovelies,
today I want to write about a product wich I don't like in the beginn but after some tests I really love it! <33
It is the Wonder Pore Cleansing Foam from Etude House. The Wonder Pore range has some more products for example the Freshner (If you want you can read our review about it!^^)



VOLUME:  200ml

PRICE: $12.00


I ordered this product from the Etude House Global Store.
I have to say that in the begin I don't want to have this product. My sister wanted to test it but I did somesthing wrong by ordering so We get two bottles of it and I decidet to give it a try, too, because the product was simply there and because it was my fault I couldn't send it back.
But anyway now I will show you some pictures from the product:

I only have used Cleansing Foams wich are like a cream and with water on your face it change to lather. But this cleansing foam is already lathered so I was wondering if this will really workes.
But I have to say that it really REALLY workes.

It is super refreshing. So in summerdays it is nice for your skin and it also should help against sebum. hm, well I couldn't exactly say if this workes because I use some products against sebum so I am not so sure if this product works or a other product workes. But all in all after washing my face with it there is no sebum left on my face and it needs much time to get the sebum back after cleansing it.
The product has some more nice things what it does but the most important thing is the cleansing part.
On the description stands that you have to use a special brush for this foam. Etude House brings out this special brush but for me this brush was to expensive so I buy one in a german drugstore and I think it workes really well, too.

If you have tried the special wonder pore brush I would be happy if you tell me how it workes on your face maby I will buy it after all, too! :D

Here you can see a test to show you how clean it makes my skin. :D
OMG, I was impressed by myself how nicely this product cleanse my skin. And my skin feels fresh and clean, too.

So in the end it was really good for me that I get this product by an accident. I like it really much and I think if you are searching for a nice cleanser for summertimes this product is really great for your skin! ;)
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