Saturday, December 17, 2016

DIY Make Up Brush Cleansing - Easy And Fast

 DIY Make Up Brush Cleansing - Easy And Fast

by Rosalie

Hi my lovelies,
today the weather is really bad and I don't wanna go out! :(
But in times like this we can do things we don't have the time for when we go out and enjoy nature.
For me it's time to clean my brushes, wanna join me??

All you need:
-some dirty make up brushes (of course!) :D
-baby shampoo (around 3 €, from a drugstore nearby)
-clean towel
-good music in the background (for me it's got7's album "turbulence", like cleaning is a HARD CARRY, HEIII!! ) 😊

Let's start!!

First grab all your brushes you wanna get cleaned. I think clean these brushes is necessary from time to time. I don't really have the time to clean them every day. But if you never get them clean you don't have to wonder why you get acne on your skin!! Because there are so many bacteria in these brushes, lying down somewhere with lot's of make up in and always touching your face again and again. Like collecting all bacteria out there in the world! :D

Another reason for cleaning brushes from time to time: this is one of my eyeshadow brushes. If they are constantly dirty the light colors can't show of on your eyes as they are supposed to. To it's also important for a flawless make up look to have clean brushes.

So grab your brushes and wet them! :3

Then apply baby shampoo onto your hand or a cleansing tool you can buy at a drugstore (I also have one but can't find it right now!) Baby shampoo is withour perfume and gives a neutral ph level, so it's much better than regular shampoo, because it can have alcohol in it, too. But baby shampoo is for suuuuuper sensitive skin. (Plus having a bottle of baby shampoo around can be really handy, just in case you forgot to buy new shampoo! :D)

Now begin moving the brush on your hand until there are many bubble's and you can see the color came out of the brush. You can continue this step as long as there doesn't came any color out of the brush. But when you do it regulary, your brushes will be easier cleaned because they are already cleaner from the start.

Now rinse the bubbles of with much water...

and put them on a clean towel.

Don't rub the brushes hardly on the towel, because they can take much damage this way. Just gently grab the brush into the towel with your hand and open it up again as you can see on the pictures.

Then you should get the brushes in their normal shape. You can form this shape with a cleansing tool I mentioned earlier or with your fingers.

So now we are DONE!!!
Lay the brushes somewhere to let them dry and on the next day when I need them again they are as good as new! <33

I hope you enjoyed this little cleansing make up brushes together with me. I did. <3

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If you also have some nice hacks for cleansing make up brushes you are welcome to share them with me and everyone who read this post! <33 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cute Holiday Nail Art

Cute Holiday Nail Art

by Rosalie 

Hi my cuties, 
today I was just absoluetly in the mood to do some nail polishes with you together. Are you free right now?? :D

For preparation please make yourself a coffee and choose some of your favourite nail polish colors.
Here you can see the colors I've choosen. Plus you'll need a brush, or a toothpick. That's all.

Ready with preparation? So let's start!! <33

First: Color Twirl

Make sure that your nails are clean, so the nail polish can stay much longer.

Apply a dark color for base. All in all you can apply this base color on all your nails to make sure that all different looks will fit together later. I used a dark brown color, because I like this much more lately than black nail polish. It looks more soft and more holiday like (than black).

Apply little dot's of a light color right as do...

...and some dot's in a secound...

...and dot's in a third color! <3

Then we carefully mix the colors a bit with the toothpick, to create the twirl.

To let a color stay out I apply the pink color again. It can stand our more and you create a highlicht this way. After this you also can apply a clear nail polish to fix it.

DONE!!! <3 

Second: Milky Way 

So there we have the base color again.

Add some dott's in one color,...

...and some in a second color. Try to place them like they are in a row.

After we mix the colors carefully to create this milky dusty look.

To simulate some stars and planets add a glittery nail polish gight abouve the two mixed colors.

(OMG! It turned out more pretty than I thought! <33)
After this you can apply clear nail polish to fix this.

DONE!! <33

Third: EXTRA, Dots and Lines

This is just as an extra look. Basically you can war the two first looks with the other nails beeing in the base color. This looks absolutely amazing!
But if you want to have more playfull nails and have to much time left right know you can add these ideas, too! <33


Just place some color polish somewhere (on a paper) and dig in with the toothpick or somehting reliable.

You can dab dab dab on your nail and create a cute dot pattern...

...or you make wild lines like this. (they look a bit like a animal fur... cool! <3)


So how was it for you? Do you like these nail art things doing together with me??
I know I am not the best person in doing these things but it makes me much fun and aspecially to do it together with you! <33

If you wanna do this again please let me know!<3

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I wish you a nice weekend and a sweet holiday time. 

Please also feel free to add me on sns if you do these nail art's, too! I would love to see your results!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird Box #5 "My Little Nut" collection

Etude House Pink Bird Box #5

"My Little Nut" collection

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,

today I want to show to you a really exciting collection from Etude House, it's the christmas collection "My Little Nut". Since I am absolutely in christmas feeling this year this comes just right for me! <33

The collection is full of gold and pink, wich is really a must have this season. You can find gold everywhere, and now on the Etude House Global Store, too!

"My Little Nut" Lucky Cheek Beam #coconut_coral


I think lately that blusher can change your whole makeup look. It can look summery and fresh, but you also can create a warm autumn and winter look easily using different shades and consistencies. I used most often a powder blusher but this blusher is a liquid kind of type.


PRICE: $9.10


WHERE TO BUY? (klick to get to the website)


The color is really interesting, I mean a orange GLITTERY blusher??? AWESOME!!!

Somehow I've never have thinking about glittery blusher but this is amazing for christmas. But I have to say I am kind of in christmas mood for this year so maybe that's why I like this so much!

If you don't like glitter in your makeup than this isn't a product for you but I think it's kind of fun to have this sweet shimmer. BUT I think I would only use this product around christmas time, so hmmm, you have to think of it if you want to have this seasonal blusher. :D

The applicator is kind of cute, just apply some stips on your cheeks and dab lightly to blend it out. Since this is a liquid consistency it doesn't makes your skin dry, wich is a big plus in winter time! <33
But also I am a bit confused! This is the darker color out of two colors, and on my skin (I have pale skin) it's not soooooo visible. I wonder how the lighter color would turn out, or if you really can see something of the color...

Anyway, I really like this blusher, so it's a fun product! If you are searching for something like this it's a good choice, of even a fun christmas present? <3

"My Little Nut" - Dear My Enamel Lips Talk #PK010


This lipstick isn't something new for me so far. But this time it came in this cute cold pink design within the Etude House christmas collection.


PRICE: $12.60

WHERE TO BUY? (klick to get to the website)


difference between the normal design and the christmas design

All "Dear My Enamel Lip Talk" that we've got so far (klick for full review)

The consistency is the same than the normal lipsticks. But the design is much more pretty. As I mentioned earlyer gold is such a must have right now. I am in love with gold, too. It somehow makes the lipstick looks more high quality. <3

The color is really nice, but goes of after a while. But since it stay a bit liquid on your lips (means it don't makes your lips dry) it's ok for me to reapply it after a while. (But I personally like lipproducts more when I don't have to look out the whole day if my lipcolor is still visible. Just because I am a lazy girl, but who isn't a lazy girl! :D )

"My Little Nut" Play 101 Pencil #85 

This is one of my absolutely favorite product from the brand. Me my sister and my mum we have many colors and I am so happy to receive this color, too!

#1 #15 #27 full review

#7 #50 #73 #75 full review


PRICE: $7.80

2 SHADES (more shades in the regular line)

The color is a nice dark brown with a light glitter effect. (You see this collection is full of glitter and gold!) But I don't really see much of the glitter on my eyes...

As I said earlier, I am in love with this range. This again is a really nice and smooth eyeliner that stay the whole day. And I like brown eyeliners much more than black ones because they soften up the eye. (Gives you a soft and flirty look for christmas, hehe)

"My Little Nut" Play 101 Blending pencil #26

To be serious, I am not really a big fan of these blending pencils. They are to thick for a eye line but when I use them for eyeshadow my eyelid is all oily. With powder shadow I don't have any problems. And as lipcolor it makes my lips super dry. >.<

 full review about the blending pencil #20 and #5

So yeah, can't really say that I was super happy about these pencils beeing in the christmas collection but since they are new products from the brand, Etude House (of course) took them into this collection. After seeing this pencil would be a silver one I was more optimistic, since I can use this one for my aegyo sal (as if europeans really have one! :D But let us pretend that we have...)


PRICE: $9.80

3 SHADES (more shades in the regular line)

WHERE TO BUY? (klick to get to the website)


Seriously I think the color came out really nice. Under my eye area I have no problem with oilyness. So this product is nice for using it there. As eyeshadow it works like a highlighter or give your eye a cool silver touch up. But as eyeshadow itself I don't think this is so nice because if you blend it right after applying it all the glitter dissapear. Since the color of this pencil is ONLY glitter nothing is left! :D
But if you don't blend it, it somehow dries up and you can't blend it away, the whole silver stay save. 
But anyway, I am not the mostly happy with this product!

"My Little Nut" Fantastic Color Eyes RD301 #Lucky_Red_Little_Nut

May you already have read our review about the fantastic color eyes berry delicious palettes? I am in love with them. Nice colors and good consistencies!! <33

Fantastic color eyes berry delicious review

After this pretty nice experience with the likable product I was really looking forward to this! :3


PRICE: $16.80

WHERE TO BUY? (klick to get to the website)


I think the colors are really warm toned autumn colors. Of course they also reminds me on cold winter days when I am able to sit on my sofa and drink a hot chocolate and eating some sweets.

Some of the colors are glittery but with pigmentation and some are matt with more pigmentation. Of course glittery eyeshadowns cant have a rich pigmentation as matt ones have. But because of that for me it is a bit hard to combine them. I love the colors, but (hard to say) separated. For example I am in love with the rose glitter one but there isn't really a nice color to combine with in a soft way. The brown and  plum colors are rich in pigmentation and I think they are to bold for the soft rose. So for create a nice eyelook (with shadow effect and all) I think it's a bit hard. Please if you have nice ideas how to combine the colors please let me know!!! <333333333333

But the consistency of the shadow is really nice. It stays like for a whole day and blend in well. And also I have to say that Violetta really likes this palette, but she wasn't able to try it as much as I was since it arrived. :(

PLUS: because the case is all gold you see your fingertouches fast. This let the whole elegance thing flow away since finter touches arent THAT kind of nice looking. :D

"My Little Nut" Holiday Limited Brushes and Gold Pouch

OMG!!! This time there was also a set with brushes and a pouch in the box! So amazing!
All things are in the "My Little Nut" design, pretty cute, right?
I've seen that nowadays you can get the pouch as gift on the Etude House Global Store, but I am not sure how to get the brushes.

The gold colors are really amazing. The brushes are nice quality so I really am liking them so far. I've also tried to clean them and look what happened then but everything was ok. Since they are my first Etude House brushed that I own I can't compare them to other brushes from the brand, sry.
But this set is also something great for a christmas gift isn't it?
(I would love to get them, keke) *sidekick* 

So thank you for reading. I hope you like this review and it was helpfull for you.
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(Products are sponsored by ETUDEHOUSE within the Pink Bird Project)