Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cute Holiday Nail Art

Cute Holiday Nail Art

by Rosalie 

Hi my cuties, 
today I was just absoluetly in the mood to do some nail polishes with you together. Are you free right now?? :D

For preparation please make yourself a coffee and choose some of your favourite nail polish colors.
Here you can see the colors I've choosen. Plus you'll need a brush, or a toothpick. That's all.

Ready with preparation? So let's start!! <33

First: Color Twirl

Make sure that your nails are clean, so the nail polish can stay much longer.

Apply a dark color for base. All in all you can apply this base color on all your nails to make sure that all different looks will fit together later. I used a dark brown color, because I like this much more lately than black nail polish. It looks more soft and more holiday like (than black).

Apply little dot's of a light color right as do...

...and some dot's in a secound...

...and dot's in a third color! <3

Then we carefully mix the colors a bit with the toothpick, to create the twirl.

To let a color stay out I apply the pink color again. It can stand our more and you create a highlicht this way. After this you also can apply a clear nail polish to fix it.

DONE!!! <3 

Second: Milky Way 

So there we have the base color again.

Add some dott's in one color,...

...and some in a second color. Try to place them like they are in a row.

After we mix the colors carefully to create this milky dusty look.

To simulate some stars and planets add a glittery nail polish gight abouve the two mixed colors.

(OMG! It turned out more pretty than I thought! <33)
After this you can apply clear nail polish to fix this.

DONE!! <33

Third: EXTRA, Dots and Lines

This is just as an extra look. Basically you can war the two first looks with the other nails beeing in the base color. This looks absolutely amazing!
But if you want to have more playfull nails and have to much time left right know you can add these ideas, too! <33


Just place some color polish somewhere (on a paper) and dig in with the toothpick or somehting reliable.

You can dab dab dab on your nail and create a cute dot pattern...

...or you make wild lines like this. (they look a bit like a animal fur... cool! <3)


So how was it for you? Do you like these nail art things doing together with me??
I know I am not the best person in doing these things but it makes me much fun and aspecially to do it together with you! <33

If you wanna do this again please let me know!<3

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I wish you a nice weekend and a sweet holiday time. 

Please also feel free to add me on sns if you do these nail art's, too! I would love to see your results!

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  1. This is extremely cute and so festive! Now I'm super motivated once more to do my own nails! Thank you for this cute blog post~