Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Travel Diary: a Harp Seal in Bavaria (Bayern)

Travel Diary: A Harp Seal in Bavaria (Bayern)

by Violetta

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Hey everyone!
Today I wanted to share with you my summer travel experiences.
Well ... since I´m personally not so photogenic as I wish for, my little HARPSEAL Handcream from ETUDE HOUSE wanted to come with me on my trip nd wanted me to take some photos of him. Since I´m a good mother to him, I always fulfill his wishes gladly. :-)

First of all I wanted to introduce my little harpseal to you. ^^ If you haven´t already heard from the ETUDE HOUSE "Missing You Hand Cream" please klick on this link.
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The idea behind these hand creams is to save different endangered animals with giving money per sold hand cream to a donation.The hand cream appears in 4 different kinds, a pink dolphin, a panda, a penguin and the harpseal, all in different ingredients and scent.

So, lets start with the pictures :3 :

First of all, just to let you know, we didn´t made a relax vacation, more an exhausting one. But it was really fun! ^^
We went to Bavaria (Germany) to search for fossils. Thatfore we went into the "Altmühltal". For those of you who don´t know something about this region, there was a really really big lake 150 million years ago. Today, there are manny mountains for walker, backpacker and bike-rider, but also a great place to find fossils. There are manny quarries for tourists, but you can also find fossils on fields and in the forest. I´m really interested in such things, also I really enjoy digging and searching, so doing this in my vacation is a perfect activity for me (and my family). ^^

If you never visited the "Altmühltal" in Bavaria, you have to know that not only the landscape, but also the little cities and villages are sooo beautiful and cute. In this region there are more villages than cities, but the houses look really classic and traditional from the outside, so every village has it´s own charm.

Harpsheal: "City touring is nice, but now I want to check out the fossils!!! :3 "

WooooW! And here we are lil´ Harpsheal! Our first visit. Now it´s not only important to have strengths for grabbing and hammer, but also to be patient.

"Ufff! This is really hard. Hang in there auntie!Or else I have to do the whole job alone. \(*.*)/ "

What else is interesting on a trip to Bavaria? The old romans had their roman empire there. That´s why you can find ruins and relicts there, e.g. the roman cross towers. This way you can see where the border was from the Germanic and the roman empire was.

"Can you see me???"

"Such a nice view, ins´t it auntie?"

When we went to a little hill, we could also find some fossils there. These are the rocks farmers removed from their fields. Quite a mess for them, but like a treasure chest for us. ^^

 "So beautiful how the fog is hanging in the valley. Remember to also watch it, not only looking on the ground to find some fossils. ^^´ "

Ok lil´ Harpsheal, we have enough time to search for fossils in the next quarry. Maybe we´ll make a nice discovery there.

"Oh, I didn´t know that we could find something that delicious here, too! Soooo ... EATING TIME!"

"So many rocks here ... I hope I´m not falling down ... :0 "

After all this hard work, it´s time for a little rest. This little village is perfect for relaxing. Luckily the weather is as good and as sunny as it could be. ^^

 "Aunties hair looks like seaweed now! ... Yummi!!!*.* "

Something that you should not miss when you are in Bavaria: a visit in one of it´s beautifulll middle ages castles.

Since Harpsheal was a little bit hungry, he wanted to visit the herb garden of the castle. (I do everything as he wishes.)

"WOW! This snaiil is almost as big as I am. O.O"

 "Awww! So manny delicious looking plants! ^^"

 Oh my Harpsheal, it could also be that some of them are more intense than good in taste. ^^

Now we are at the end of our little documentation. Thank you for reading. Not only I but also my lil´ Harpsheal is happy about every interested reader. Please leafe a comment if you have a question or just if you feel that you have to say something about this tour through Bavaria and our vacation. Harpsheal or me are happy to chat with you. ^^

"Me with my auntie! ^^"

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  1. So cute lil harpsheal.
    Greetings from aunty! :* and from Bavaria, since I am still here :D

    The Pictures look amazing! And the documentation is so much fun to read :D

    1. I´ll share with him. :D (He said greetings back!) :3