Monday, October 16, 2017

Elizavecca Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Moisture Milky Cream

Elizavecca Silky Creamy Donkey Steam Moisture Milky Cream

by Rosalie 


Hi Lovelies,
the days are getting colder now. I love how the trees look right now, like everywhere these pretty colours! <3 But I also miss the flowers already. You can't get everything at once I guess. but in this season it get's more important again to moisturize your skin.

And that's why I wanted to introduce you to my current moisturizer. I just came to try some products from the korean brand "Elizavecca", wich was kind of unknown (for me) but has some nice products, tough. If you know some great products from this brand please let me know, I wanna try them! <333 :3


VOLUME: 100ml

PRICE: $15


I bougth this product at 
The product came with a spoon (wich I currently lost somewhere haha sry. this always happen to me!....) to get the cream out of the bottle. The bottle itself is made out of glass, wich is really interesting and estetic as well. But also the material make the product kind of heavy, like if I want to take the product with me on a travel it might be troublesome. But I personally don't travel so much, so it''s no problem for me! :)

The cream itself is kind of hard, not so much liquidy. This makes it kind of difficoult for me to put the best amount of product out of the bottle. (With the spoon it might be easyer haha). The scent is really awesome. A bit like baby powder or cotton. But also really clear. I like it! 

Applying the cream can be troublesome because the cream isn't so liquidy. I have to se some strengh to get it all over my skin. It's not as it hurts to apply it, but it is a difference to other moisturizer that I have used so far. Also the cream left a really heavy moisture feeling on my skin. Now I only use it before I go to bed, so it's ok, but I think using it in the morning under my make up would be to heavy. Please remember I have oily skin, so that's maybe kind of a reason for this. If you have really dry skin this cream really can put some strong moisture to your face.

So to summerize I can say the moisturizer does a good job in sense of moisturizing (like it should do a good job haha its  a MOISTURIZER!!) but in applying I have some kind of problems. Not to bad problems but I think you should know this to learn more about this product! ;)

So I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have some questions please feel free to ask! <3


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