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Rosalie's stamp love #1

Rosalie's stamp love #1

my japanese stamps

by Rosalie

part #2:

part #3: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/rosalies-stamp-love-3.html

Hi everyone,
I can' tell you how I came to this Topic but suddenly One day I ebgan with collecting stamps. I bought my first stamp set at a store and old stamps at flee makrets... somehow I managed to have really many stamps! :D Even at my workplace a collegue noticed my love and gave me some old ones that she doesn't use anymore! (By far, best work day!! <33)

Violetta always asks me "Why do you Need so many stamps, I mean, for what??" :D
Ok, I can feel why she can't understand this but somehow this is so much fun I can't stop with this! :D

Now that I already have this collection I thought it may be fun to share this on my blog with you all! (Maybe there are other stamp lovers around there... And I am not the only crazy one) :D

Today I want to present to you my japanese stamp set's.
Both set's are from san-x, with small cute animals. They are named as the shy animals who always hide in a Corner! :D sooo cute <33

This was my first set. I bought it used on SHPOCK, until today my first and only ordering there...

Since I got it used there was one stamp missing, but in original there were 8 stamps in this set.

The stamps are really small, on Pictures they always look much bigger as they really are. But I love the size because this is super Handy, I can took them in my bag and take them with me. Whenever I am in the mood to take a stamp on I am able to do it! :D

Also it came in this cute box and with a ink pad, it's super practikal. I am in LOVEEEEE :D

The box is out of thick plastic, it feels really unbreakable!

Arent they adorable???

My second set has 16 stamps. I bought it new on ebay.

Beside more stamps there are also two ink pads in this set! <33

The different sizes of the stamps makes it really fun to use them. The big Topic of this set is : "Meeting in the onsen" :D
The cute Little animals are bathing in hot wather, having fun and beeing shy! :D
Each stamp is designed with so much love, like you really can feel the Passion san-x give for such small things!
The only Thing that I don't like is that the blue ink pad isn't super pigmented so seeing the stamp in the paper is Kind of difficult, especially compared to the red one the blue Color is to light!

That's all about my first part from my stamp collection, hope you like it!

-to be continued-

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet DUMBO"

ETUDE HOUSE "Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet DUMBO"

by Violetta

Hey everyone!
It´s masking-time again and I also wanted to share with you my last part of the ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box August. It´s really cool that I got this maks from ETUDE HOUSE because you always hear so much about it, because this moisturizing skincare edition is so great. I´m so happy I got the opportunity to try it out now!

As you can see, ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with DISNEY DUMBO to redesign they´re Moistfull Collagen edition. So this mask is the same as the original "Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet" and you can get this for the same price aswell.
The design of the DUMBO edition is so cute. You can also check out my sisters review about the "Moistfull Collagen Cream" in DUMBO version aswell.

The mask should include "Super Collagen water" (Hydrolized Collagen) and Baobab. That is supposed to spend moisture to your skin. Since I love the ETUDE HOUSE "I Need You Mask" so much, I want to make a little comparission with these two masks, since I think it´s really interesting to know.

You can get one of these masks for $ 2.60 at the ETUDE HOUSE global online store.
 Since I personally think that this is quite a huge price for only one mask sheet and only one use, I always avoided to buy one, although I always dreamed of trying one. *.*


"After neutralizing the skin, spread the facial mask sheet on the face.
After placing the facial mask sheet on the face, remove the fabric attached to the outer surface of the mask sheet.
After 15-20 minutes, take off the mask sheet and with the essence, massage your face and neck."

Since I didn´t know what they meant with "neutralizing the skin", I just cleansed my skin as usual as I always do before my evening skincare or masks.

unfolded mask, comming right out of the package, full of essence
as you can see, this sheet is a normal cotton one (I didn´t realized something special about that)

me removing the prelayer on the mask sheet

the prelayer, more plastic.-like than a fabric

the mask sheet on my face ~ as you can see it doesn´t fit perfectly to my skin

After the 20 minutes, my skin feeled really moisturized and good. The scent was really nice, sort of a mix between the smell of the moistfull collagen cream and something diffferent (but good).
Since there was really much essence inside of the packege, I had really a lot for my neck area and to massage it into my face skin aswell.

ALL IN ALL the mask was really great and it has really did a good job, but as I said I want to compare it to the "I Need You Mask" and I have to say that they´re quite similar in the effect they do. Beside that, the "I Need You Mask" costs only like a quater of this mask, so I think it´s better to buy the cheeper ones. In addition to that you also have many different kinds of this maks you can choose from, depending on what you need for your skin.

Ofcourse the mask did a really good job, but I don´t think that this high price is really justified. :/
I personally will not buy this mask, because as I said, I´ll be happyer getting 4 sheets of the cheeper mask with the same result on my skin.

If you want to try iot out and you don´t have to pay attention whatfore you spend your money, this mask is really great and you can try it out if you want.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope I could help you if you are thinking about buying this mask right now. Please leafe a comment and tell me what you think about this mask if you have tryed it out aswell or you can write any questions you might have. My sister and I also love to chat with you in the comments, so it you have something (even randomly) you want to share with us, you are welcomed to do so. :D

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" PK 001 Lovely Skull

ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" PK 001 Lovely Skull

by Violetta

Hey lovely Ladies and Gentleman!
As I promissed before, I´ll show you here the new "Pink Skull Colour Eyes" palette I got in my PINK BIRD BOX AUGUST. But on top of that, I´ll also show you 4 different eye looks you can create with this palette, so you can also see how the colours work in combination with each other. ^^

In the picture above you can see both variants you can get. I got the one on the left side. As you see, mine is entirely much more warm toned and lighter than the other palette. The secound one is darker with more cool toned shades. Some of the single shades are a bit alike, but not completely similar.

Both match the autum season really well, although I think you can use it in every season of course. I really like the funky and rocky topic and the fancy pink shades that are included in both of the palettes.

Some of the colours are really alike to the ETUDE HOUSE "BERRY DELICIOUS Fantastic Colour Eyes", so check out our review about them and click. ^^

With 9 shades, this is a really nice size of a palette to create various looks and to take it with you on a travel. The only thing I´m missing is a mirror and a applicator.

You can get this palette regularly in the ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $ 22,80.

Having in mind that there is no mirror and no applicator, I personally think this one is not cheap, even if you get 9 shades.

As you can see in the swatches, the light colours are difficult visable, but that just comes from the fact that it is almost my skintone (LOVELY PINK, SEE THROUGH BEIGE). I really like these colours as base eye shadow.depending on which shade you want, more yellow or more pinky, you can choose between these two to get a decent light base or even use only this colour for your whole eye look.
TWINKLE PINK is really glittery, so it´s nice for the aegyo cell, or just if you want to place glitter on a certain area around your eyes. That´s why I always use matte colours (without glitter), so that I controll where the glitter goes and where not. I don´t like having my eye glittery all over (just my personally opinion).

3 of the colours are glittery / shimmery (TWINKLE PINK, ROMANTIC BROWN, VELVET BROWN) and the other 6 are matt (LOVELY PINK, SEE THROUGH BEIGE, ANTIQUE BROWN, SUGAR SKULL PINK, ROSE PINK-BROWN, LEATHER BROWN), which I really like.
The SUGAR PINK SKULL is a really nice intense pink,, just the right colour if you are looking for an eye catching colour.

The pigmentation is not thedeepest one, but I think it´s a good pigmentation for beginners, to not apply to much colour. It´s really easy to work with them. ^^
You can also use some of the more oink colours as your blusher if you like. It looked really good on me when I tryed, but you have to pay attention to not use to much colour, which happened to me when I tryed it.

ALL IN ALL I have to say that I really like the colours and the beginner-friendly pigmentation, but for this price, I´m missing a mirror and an applicator. :/ So I would say you should buy this on sale, or else I have to say ETUDE HOUSE has cheeper and also nice coloured palettes WITH mirror and applicator.

But if you are a collector and you absolutelly want this palette, I can really recommend the colours. ^^

So now, let´s start my little eye look tutorial. I hope you like the looks I created for you. I also made it really easy to follow my steps for beginners who just want to start with eye shadow, so please tell me how you think about this way I´m showing you the steps. ^^


If you want to pop your eyes up with a bit of colour, you´ll definitelly like this look. :3


For the eye liner I decited to draw a really thin line near the lashes with a dark brown colour. I also used a brown mascara to make this look really natural and lovely.

 Now I look like a little lovely fairy. ^^ I just love to apply pink shades lately. I think that really suites dark eyes and dark hair.


If you like decent looks that make your eyes bigger without to dark colours, this look is the right one for you.

This will make your eye look much bigger. But if you don´t want your eyes to have glitter on, just leafe this step out. ^^

The ROMANTIC BROWN will make your look more intense, but still decent.


 Last steps: Do your brows as I showed in the first look above. I also decited to use a brown eye liner to draw a thin line near my lashes.

I really like this look for day´s you want to look like a princess, but you don´t know which colours are matching your clothes or style of the day. This matches to every outfit in your locker.


I think you know these mornings when you realize, that you only have 5 minutes for your whole skincare and make up. XD I know them very well. That´s why I want to show you this really fast and cute eye look.

Since we are late on time, use LEATHER BROWN for your brows and make just any easy eye line as you can. Also use mascara if you have enough time, but if not, it´s ok, because the eye shadow itselfe gives your eyes a great definition and depth.

This look isn´t representing perfection, it´s just for those make up junkes of you that can´t leave the house without eye shadow.

With this 2-step-look you are really fast and don´t have to worry about the time (so much ^^). I love simple eye shadow looks that work as good as a complycated one. ^^


This look is for those of you, who want to define their eyes alot. I created it to define, but not to look to dark, because that doesn´t match every girl and in addition to that I think girls that are a bit younger should not wear to heavy and dark eye make up, but that´s what everyone of us has to decite in their own.
The only important thing is to feel good and confortable with the look wearing, that´s all. ^^

So without further do, let´s start the last tutorial. :3

 This step is for a little colour pop in the look.

 You can also apply a wing with this colour on the outher corner of your eye to get an even more girlish look.
Also put a bit of the colour directly under your eye near your lashes to make this look even more intense.

I did this as the last step, because this way you don´t need to pay attention during applying the darker colours to not put any colour there, and you also have a darker look in total. The light colour defines the eye without ruin the dark and intense look.

If you want this look to be darker, just apply a bit more of the colours. Because the dark ones are really high pigmented, I blended them a lot, to don´t look to dark. But as I applyed the colours, I personally also like this look as a daytime look.


So These were the looks I created for you. Please let me know how you think about the way I showed you how to apply the eye shadows. I did it in a bit different way in my make up tutorial of the first ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird July look. So please let me know in the comments. ^^

Thank you for reading. Please leafe a comment if you have a question or if you just want to chat. My sis and me are always happy to read your comments. ^^

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Etude House "Play 101 Contour Duo Stick" #contour2

Etude House "Play 101 Contour Duo Stick" #contour2

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
nowadays contouring is a big theme in the beauty world. So today I will write about the latest contouring product from ETUDE HOUSE. It's the Play 101 Stick Contour Duo. Seriously, the play 101 range is now sooooo big!!! They have the normal pencils, this contour stick, big sticks, the blending pencils..... it's really amazing!! At the begin I don't thought of such a big range! :D

This stick is available in two color sades, one more cool toned and a warmer toned one. I have the shade #contour2, wich is the warmer shade. The stick itself contains two colors, one for highlighting and one for the shading. I think it's really handy to have these two things in one product and also in a nice pencil shape. This really makes it easy to apply, and you don't need a pencil for applying. (Only for blending, but you easily can use your fingers, too.)




PRICE: $14.40


I got this product within the Pink Bird Box program from Etude House

my video about the whole box:

But you can easily buy the product at the ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL STORE

The product has a nice shape for carrying it in your makeup back, too.

I personally think that the colors do fit my skintone really nicely, also they blend in so well. It's not as you would have dark lines on your face or something. Just a nice soft contour that you can create.



Violetta slo tryed to only ude this product for the base, I mean without any BB cream under it. And she loved it. It look's really natural and nice. So if you are in a hurry at the morning you can use this to be faster! :D


-easy to use
-nice to blend
-even without a base BB Cream the product looks really nice and natural
-easy to carry it wwith you


-seriously, NOTHING!!! :D 

All in all I really can say that this product is super nice. I recommen this to all of you!! Especially to people who just started use contouring, because this makes it so easy to learn and use! <33

I hope this review was helpful for you and you'll have as much fun with the product as we have!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016


ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Skull Twin Shot LIPSTINT" #RD304

by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!
Today I wanted to show you the new "Twin Shot LIPSTINT" of the Pink Skull collection by ETUDE HOUSE. It´s so awesome! You can create 5 different lip looks with this one product. Check that out below. ^^

This review was sponsored by ETUDE HOUSE. My sister and me were able to participate the "PINK BIRD" project so we are able to show you the newest products from ETUDE HOUSE. This lip tint was included in the secound box from august.

Click here for the FIRST PINK BIRD BOX JULY.

And please click here for the SECOUND PINK BIRD BOX AUGUST.

You can get this product on the official global online store of ETUDE HOUSE for 14.40 $.

As you can see, ETUDE HOUSE offers this tint in two shades. In each are two different colours included. 

The redish colour is a mousse tint, which means it is matte (but in my opinion not dying at all). The texture is really good blendable and the colour is really high pigmented.

The secound colour is more glossy like, but it is not so much pigmented. It should darken up the first colour by applying it over it.

mousse tint

pearl tint

Unlike the original "New Twin Shot LIPSTINT" you don´t have a button which you have to push to get the secound colour out of the applicator of the first colour. Here you have two seperated bottles with two applicators.

here you can see that the miusse tint is matte and the pearl one is glossy

The cool thing about this is that you have a small product and two colours included. Whith them you can create 5 different lip looks. Here are some swatches of the colours.

You can see that the pearl tint has not such a big pigmentation, but if you like to wear glossy lips with just a hint of coloiur, this is a really great colour for itselfe. 
You can also use this colour for any other lip product. You just have to pay attention that the lower colour stays on your lips whille you apply it. 
Just naturally, the glossy pearl tint goes of really fast during eating or drinking. The red mousse tint stays under these circumstances. But in combination with each other, the colour also goes of fast, because the mixture is really glossy, too.

To summ all these informations a bit up, here is my pro & con list to this product.

  • 5 lip looks with only one product
  • mousse tint stays really nice while drinking and eating
  • mousse tint gets to bled really well
  • mousse tint is matte but not dry 
  • mousse tint is really high pigmented
  • pearl tint effect can be combinated with other products as well
  • nice smell (both colours)

  • pearl tint & both colours combinated get off really fast while drinking and eating
  • mousse tint is really dark --> not so good for a day use if fully applyed
  • only 2 different shades available

All in all I have to say, that the product is not the cheapest on the first look, but in the end you get 2 colours with it and one with a really cool darkening effect. And if you see in how many different ways you can use this one product, it´s just amazing. So I think the product is worth the money.

I can totally recommend this product to you, especially if you are looking for a darker colour. I´m so sad that ETUDE HOUSE has only 2 shades with such cool effect colours, but if you are looking for a lighter colour, you can still buy one of the original "Twin Shot Lipstint". I personally really love it because the mousse tint stays for so long on the day. Since you have 2 colours in one product this is nice for traveling or just for the everyday make up pouch. ^^

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