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B.A.P Concert Diary LOE 2016 #3

B.A.P Concert Diary LOE 2016 #3

by Rosalie



Hi everyone!!

This is the last part of the B.A.P concert Diary line. Let me say at the begin, this was the best day ever in my life! <3333333

(concert diary #1(buying tickets), #2(preparation))

Ok, me my sister and a friend we drove by car on saturday to Düsseldorf. We sleept at the city camping place. Unluckily the weather was very cold. We sleept in a tent, so it was reaaaaaaly cold! :D We wanted to stand up at 6 o clock but at 5 I was thinking 'please let it be 6!!!' :D

We planned to go there with public transportations so within half an hour we could go to the concert hall.

At 8:30 we arrived at the hall but we were verry confused because there were so many Baby's, and all were going away from the hall... WHY???

We found our place where we waited to get the number. At the end we had number 245 to 247...

The staff telled us we can go away now but have to be at the hall at 12 o clock to do a check up. So we went to the park beside the hall, went to the central station to kill some time and at 11 we were at the hall again. After the check up they said we can go again but should be back at 4 pm. I had ordered a "coupon" for the 'carnival' album I had to go to the merchandise sale point. It should opened at 2 pm. We went to the hall at 2pm but there were sooooo many people wiating to get to the merchandise sale it was to much for me. But I had no choice, I waited there for 2 hours but finally I got my album.

I am not really sure, I think this is Daehyuns autograph, please let me know what you think whose it is! <3333

I was hungry and tired and only because of the help of a Baby I was able to get out of this crowd of people. After going back to my group I opened the album and...

...found this high five invitation. Seriously I can understand how Charlie feld like when he opened the chocolate from Willy Wonka! I never had imagined to really get this ticket but there I was with my album and this precious ticket! *___*

We waited around another hour. than the VIP's were able to go into the hall. After another hour we could go in. Waiting was hard because we had really no space to sit down or anything. TO MANY PEOPLE!!! :D

Before we went in my sister said she would took away her back in the inside and we all want to go to toilet before the concert because it was still around 7pm who knows when we will be able to go again! :D

But I never had seen this fast movings on a womans tiolet! All Babys were running and no one was waiting! Like a dream! :DDDDDDDDD hahaha

We were able to stand in the 4th row of the standing area. It was closer than I had expected!

On the stage you could read "Where are you know?"

All Babys were so loud. Screaming all the time, even before the show started. It was kind of funny, because it wasn't boring to wait. haha

The concert starts around 8pm and seriously it was amazing!!!!!!!

I tried to amke some videos but you cant see how amazing this concert was. It felt sooooo amazing!!!!!!

If you want to see some more videos please let me know and I try to upload more of them! ;) I only uploaded Badman because I was hoping for this sooooo much! *__* I really love this! <3

But the energy from the members was sooooooo amazing. We all felt it! and you can hear the Baby's screaming all the time! :D

After the concert they said everyone with a high five ticket should go to the right side of the stage to prepare for everything. I was a bit sad that I was the only one of my group who has this ticket, cause the other two would be happy if they had a ticket, too. But they said it's ok, I should go and enjoy it!! AND I SHOULD ONLY LOOK AT THE FACES!!! NOT AT THE HANDS! :D haha

So I go there with a other Baby I met but I lost her very fast. I waited, I was standing at the ending part of all Babys. Because of this I was able to see the Babys comming out of the room where they had met B.A.P... This was really a funny part because everyone reacted differently. I couldn't hear any fangirl screaming but they all were very happy.

As I went in first I saw the table. Behind it there were the members standing (and making so many Baby's happy!!) The first member was Yongguk. As he saw into my face he smiled. He smiled soooooo brightly and beautifully I wasn't able to say, do or think of anything. So because of the waiting and the concert I was looking really destroyed! :D My hair was a mess and my make up, too! :D I was wearing warm clothes, a leggins and a pink pullover! :D omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In one hand I was holding my ticket and with the other hand I planned to do the high five. But I wasn't able to move my arm somehow! I think I wasn't the only fangirl who felt this way so Yongguk tokked my hand and OMG!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are his hands this amazingly soft??? I really cant discipe it but I never imagined his hands to be this soft! After this it was really hard to concentrate on Zelo who was standing next. His hands aren't as soft as Yongguk's. More like man hands but not row or something. Really hard to descripe! :D

I only know that after Zelo there was Daehyun and than I think there was Jongup, but IO really cant remember Himchan or Yongyae. I don't know why. I wasn't able to remeber them right after the event! :D Yongguk really killed me! :D

My hand was shaking when I went back to my group. Than we go out of the hall, get some free poster's and went back to the camping place.

All in all I think this was really the most beautiful day in my life as far! <33333

If you was at a LOE2016 I would be happy if you share your experiences with me! I really want to see them life again! :3

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  1. Awww, I am so glad you had such a wonderful day and also, wow, you really had a lot of luck winning the special ticket! Congratulations!