Monday, May 9, 2016

Etude House "Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips" #PK013 #GR701

Etude House "Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips" #PK013 #GR701

by Rosalie

Hello everyone,
today, as promised, I will write about the Color In Liquid Lips from the Berry Delicious line from Etude House.

My first review about the normal Color in liquid Lips: 

The first important thing is that this line don't have as much colors as the normal range. But I think there are still enough colors to choose from.

One color that stand out is #GR701, thats why I wanted to get this color so much! *__* I cant belife there is a mint color wich you can wear on your lips. Than I found this picture bellow, where you can see the color change from mint to purple. (OMG!!! Isn't this super awesome?!?)


PRICE: $12.40


For the #GR701 I asked a friend to bring me one from Japan, thats why the description is in japanese not in korean. The second one is from the Etude House Global Store. 

It's a bit confusing that the pictures are different, but even on the pictures from the brand these pictures are like this.

Here you can see how the color change from mint to purple. I think the colors looks so awesome! I love it!!!

Now I will show you some swatches from the colors. They are pigmented, but notr as much as the normal color in liquid lips range. 

The product is easy to apply. The shape of the tip changes from the normal line, but it's still very nice to use. In this line the product has a nice smell. Every color I have has a different scent, the #GR701 is more like strawberry, the #PK013 is more like orangejuce.

The texture is different. Thats why the color stays REALLY long on your lips. It also keeps your lips moisturized. So at first you apply it, the texture feels a bit glossy. this glossy texture dries, than its a matte finish. even after eating the color stays. Its really a nice product for a every day use when you are not able to reapply it often. Even after using make up remover the color stays, not as pigmented as at the begin, but it's still there.

All in all I really love this product so much. The purple color is something new and I really love it! *__* But the other color is really pretty, too. So I think if you buy one of these colors you cant go wrong! Its very nice in every situation. Just love love love it!

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If you still havee some questione please feel free to ask me! :)

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  1. How cute is that packaging! The purple lipstick looks like such a fun colour and would be perfect for summer :)

    1. Yes! I´m so in love with this colour too. But I always love how cute the packagings from etude house are. ^^

  2. These both look great! And so cute!

    1. I totally agree! The cosmetics from Etude House are always soooo adorable! :3