Friday, May 6, 2016

Etude House "Color in Liquid Lips" #BE101 PK007 PK009

Etude House "Color in Liquid Lips" #BE101 PK007 PK009

by Rosalie

Hello everyone,
this weekend I planned to do some reviews about the color in liquid lips line from Etude House, the normal one and the new Berry Delicious line.

Link to the "Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips":

First topic is the normal line.
As I first saw this product I was super interested in it. I love lipproducts and than this cute product with soooo many colors! woahhh! super exciting!! *__*

Here you can see the colors they have in the line:


PRICE: $12.40

AS SET IN 3 COLORS: $18.90


I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store, in a set with 3 colors.

This product works like a lipstick, but you apply it like a liptint or a lipgloss. I think this is really special, but I like it, because of this tip you can be more specific in the shape for your lips.

Here are some swatches from the product:

All colors are very much pigmented.
I think the prettiest color is #BE101, because you can wear it every day, it looks natural but give a nice color at the same time. The texture is creamy, the product doesn't really have a specific scent.
I think the darker colors are to dark to wear them every day, I would wear them as light lipstick or like a tint. For a night time make up these colors are very nice.

Wearing them is not as compfortable as I thought at the begin. You should moisturize your lips before you apply this product. Its not like the lipstick makes your lips very dry but after some time wearing it at the day your lips get dry.
Plus the lipproduct doesn't stay the whole day. This sin't something unnormal, because all lipsticks come of after some time. But I don't like it when I drink something and after there is all product on my cup. But because of the great pigmentation there is still much color on my lips, so you don't have to reapply this product. You simply have the color on your cup! :D

The texture cant really go into the skin thats why it can be wished away! :(

All in all I like this product. You can apply it easily and the color can stay, but can come off on your drink or when you eat. I don't think that this product will ever be my most favourite of all time. But if you are searching for a nice pigmented lipproduct you will really like this! :)

I think I can say that the Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips is much bether, but I will write about this later! ;)

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