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Innisfree "auto eyebrow pencil" #ash_brown, #gray, #espresso_brown

Innisfree "auto eyebrow pencil" #ash_brown, #gray, #espresso_brown

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today (finally) I want to write about one of my absolutely favourite products lately: it's the "auto eyebrow pencil" from the korean brand INNISFREE.

Before around 2 years I was of the opinion that doing the eyebrowns looks to bold and unnatural in your face. Just as you have something laying on your face that shouldn't be there! :D strange!!!

But after I watched the INNISFREE beauty dramas (reviews: 

Sweet 20's, beauty drama review
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) I was kind of in the mood to try some of the product's I have seen in the dramas. So I decided to try out the eyebrow pencil. I loved how natural and beautyfull the girl's eyebrows looked. :3

Anyway, now let me tell you some details about the product:





I bought the product from Jolse (LINK: in 3 colors: #ash brown, #espresso brown, #gray 

Here you can see the full color system:

They really made many colour's, some cold and warm and also light ones. So even if you have light eyebrow's you may find a color that you like.

The product itself came with the pencil side and with the brush side, wich is quite handy, because with this it is really easy to manage your eyebrow hair! :D

To get this kind of pigmented color (in the swatch) I had to use some strength on the pencils. Normally they are more from the hard consistency, so if you apply it onto your eyebrows there isn't a big bold line of color. Also because of this oval shape it is really easy to apply the product and my browns look's still natural! <33

Here you can see the 3 color's on my eyebrows:

 I think that there isn't suuuuch a big difference between these 3 colors. (So it may wasn't necessary to make such a big color palette to choose from. This is sometimes really hard for me to choose a colour and in the end they all look alike :D)

But anyway, I like every colour and I love the product itself absolutely! It really gives me the posibillity to draw my brows (becausse they get much lighter after applying my base makeup, so drawing them is neccessary!!) and still have a natural look. 

I hope this review was helpfull for you and please leaf a comment if you have a question (or if you wanna tell us something!<3)!
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