Saturday, December 17, 2016

DIY Make Up Brush Cleansing - Easy And Fast

 DIY Make Up Brush Cleansing - Easy And Fast

by Rosalie

Hi my lovelies,
today the weather is really bad and I don't wanna go out! :(
But in times like this we can do things we don't have the time for when we go out and enjoy nature.
For me it's time to clean my brushes, wanna join me??

All you need:
-some dirty make up brushes (of course!) :D
-baby shampoo (around 3 €, from a drugstore nearby)
-clean towel
-good music in the background (for me it's got7's album "turbulence", like cleaning is a HARD CARRY, HEIII!! ) 😊

Let's start!!

First grab all your brushes you wanna get cleaned. I think clean these brushes is necessary from time to time. I don't really have the time to clean them every day. But if you never get them clean you don't have to wonder why you get acne on your skin!! Because there are so many bacteria in these brushes, lying down somewhere with lot's of make up in and always touching your face again and again. Like collecting all bacteria out there in the world! :D

Another reason for cleaning brushes from time to time: this is one of my eyeshadow brushes. If they are constantly dirty the light colors can't show of on your eyes as they are supposed to. To it's also important for a flawless make up look to have clean brushes.

So grab your brushes and wet them! :3

Then apply baby shampoo onto your hand or a cleansing tool you can buy at a drugstore (I also have one but can't find it right now!) Baby shampoo is withour perfume and gives a neutral ph level, so it's much better than regular shampoo, because it can have alcohol in it, too. But baby shampoo is for suuuuuper sensitive skin. (Plus having a bottle of baby shampoo around can be really handy, just in case you forgot to buy new shampoo! :D)

Now begin moving the brush on your hand until there are many bubble's and you can see the color came out of the brush. You can continue this step as long as there doesn't came any color out of the brush. But when you do it regulary, your brushes will be easier cleaned because they are already cleaner from the start.

Now rinse the bubbles of with much water...

and put them on a clean towel.

Don't rub the brushes hardly on the towel, because they can take much damage this way. Just gently grab the brush into the towel with your hand and open it up again as you can see on the pictures.

Then you should get the brushes in their normal shape. You can form this shape with a cleansing tool I mentioned earlier or with your fingers.

So now we are DONE!!!
Lay the brushes somewhere to let them dry and on the next day when I need them again they are as good as new! <33

I hope you enjoyed this little cleansing make up brushes together with me. I did. <3

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If you also have some nice hacks for cleansing make up brushes you are welcome to share them with me and everyone who read this post! <33 

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